Pathetic printer! It is the worst printer I have ever had. It got delivered late with many missing parts. The customer service delivered the missing parts after 20 days. I was highly disappointed. They seriously tested my patience and the printer is still testing my patience. Even after assembling and fixing the printer many times I still face issues with Z-axis which never gets fixed and I get inaccurate print outs many times. The printing speed is also slow and I am not happy with any of the features. Not recommended!



This single printer can provide impressive results in various filaments. It’s been 4 months and I have experimented on all the filaments and I each time I was equally amazed. I choose filament as per my client’s demand and all of them is happy with the work I deliver. The amazing printing speed lets me deliver the projects before time. I have never faced any issue with this machine and it is working really well. I am happy! Recommended to everyone!



It was delivered quickly and I was very impressed with fast delivery. The aluminum frame of the printer is of high quality and makes the printer durable and sturdy. The MK8 double cold extrusion system makes the printer an advanced machine. The printer gets jammed at times and then I have to wait for a while to resume the printing process again. I think I will have to figure out something to solve the problem. Otherwise, a great printer! An economical printer



The printer arrived on time but with very poor packing. Due to the poor packaging many of its parts were missing. I contacted customer care service and they delivered the missing parts in 5 days. The manual is not exact and lacks important information. The manual definitely needs to be updated as otherwise assembling becomes a difficult thing to manage especially for newbies like me. The printer seems to be really slow and I do not have so much of patience.



All in all a great buy! Assembly took a couple of evenings and it delivered good prints from the beginning. The frame is stable and rigid enough for pretty fast prints. My only complaint is that the creators didn't supply me the source for the specific model I have, I got a generic Marlin version. This only matters if you want to add new features up or upgrade. After some tweaking and testing I got it to work with the latest fw. Still going strong after seven months. A few screws have been tightened and I have printed some improvements and additions but the basic design is good. Wileur