Donna Arnold


Are you looking for a 3D printer? I must say go for this printer. I personally so impressed through its working and functionalities. It has an auto-leveling feature that helps to operate this printer easily. Its construction is in an aluminum frame which increases its rigidity and can be used for long-lasting.

This DIY kit delivers excellent high-quality prints at faster printing speed about 50 to 150 mm/sec. The multiple filaments in this kit are high quality that processed as one-time molding printing without clogging the nozzles.  Amazing worthy printer with zero issues!!

Imogene K. Smith


I bought this Prusa i3 3D Printer for my daughter’s projects. She wanted to get rid of that old printer we had, and purchase a new. My sister recommended me to go for Max Micron. With great features like MK8 double cold extrusion system, high quality filament and aluminium frame, I guess I chose this for good. However, the printing quality was average.

William Chandler


I bought this Max Micron - Prusa i3 with so much hope, but they were shattered. I agree that  its features are world-class but I had to put a lot of effort in assembling the DIY kit. The manual was out of my knowledge and I had to call a technician for assembling this printer.
But when I started using, I was glad I bought it. The printinf speed and quality are amazing. The metal frame was good and the printer was easy to use.

Griffin Molina


I have heard a lot about this Max Micron’s amazing features and functionalities. Thus, I bought this printer last month. But, it was so disappointed in the initial days. From delivery to its first print; that ruined my all patience and curiosity.

The packaging was so poor and was even difficult to assemble due to some of the miss-printing parts. Then, after so much tweaking, I ended with all assembling and assorting process. But, the troubles were not least here. When I processed for my first print the power supply box has stopped in between the process of printing. I have complained all the troubles.

Thank God! It was a great relief that technicians arrived quickly and resolved all the issues. Now, I can work smoothly and interestingly on this printer. Finger crossed! Hope my further experience with it, would be hassle-free!!

Eric S. Bearce


My friend has recommended me so I purchased this Max Micron for my office work. I found difficulty in assembling as its manual was less précised to understand and instructions are dreadful. One more thing disappoints me that it couldn’t support multi prints. So far, I found it gratifying to tinker with, though it lucks many times in terms of reliability of the product. I really like its robust aluminium metal frame and will work last long without any major wear ‘n’ tear issues. Overall, it is a good money-value device for prototyping.