Sam Cooper


It is a unique prusa i3 for large print area. Fastest shipping from USA warehouse. The only issues i had is power cable is missing, Max Micron team mailed me a replacement immediately no questions asked. Happy with the first print taken.

Simon B


Shipping was very fast (4 days) but don't forget that import duties apply. I am using Slic3r & Repetier with my 3d printer. The print quality is very good, but I still have some adjustments to do to make it better. It is a great kit, but it does take some experience to assemble!


Some steps aren't described very well in the "fabled" instructions. My z-axis stepper cable was too short, so I had to lengthen it. The linear bearings needed some tweaking to align. It wasn't a difficult build, but I had to rely on my intuition as a hobby maker in some parts.


My printer came with the MKS v1.3 board, for which very little documentation can be found online. I found that the USB serial chip on the board was bricked when I tried to plug it into the computer. This problem is common enough with cheap (unauthentic) FDTI chips. I had to install some special software from the FTDI website to activate the chip.

The pre-installed firmware had some issues (extruder not working) so I uploaded the newest Marlin firmware. Some settings had to be changed, like inverting the x-axis stepper and increasing z-axis steps/mm a lot.

Brett VanDyke


Ordered this on a Tuesday evening, received in on Friday, Hong Kong to Houston, amazing.

Assembling wasn't bad. I guess I have an updated version, instructions where PDF file with English. Still not the greatest but was able to assemble. Only misstep was putting the wrong guide rails on the y-axis but it was a 10 minute fix when I figured it out. As other posters have said, the y-axis limit switch doesn't contact anything.

I used a couple of the extra pieces of frame material (pushed out from cutouts) and double sided tape to make a tap that sticks out from motor housing to activate the limit switch.

Currently working on getting the setting correct - had the extruder too low and clogged it. So have not printed anything yet.

Bought the "Mastering 3D Printing" book at the same time, it has some great hints on setup for printers. Should have read it all the way through before trying to print.

Still giving it 5 stars as of now - seems to be good quality and went together just fine.



First of all let me say this is the second Prusa i3 printer I have bought and by far the better printer. The laser cut pieces were flawless, the Z-axis lead screws are the best you can get. The video showed me how to put it together visually which was real nice. Now let me say that not all things go 100% so here is what I can comment on.

The heat bed runs a little too cool for ABS but it is working, PLA is never a problem. Secondly one of my lead screw / nut units was bad. This is NOT the sellers fault as they are just reselling the manufacturers item in this case. HOWEVER, I contacted the seller and they replaced the lead screw the nut and the motor at no cost to me and before they sent it tested it to ensure it was perfect. Now that is support!

I highly recommend this seller. I highly recommend this printer. It has produced excellent prints so far and I am using it to modify my first printer so it can try to keep up with this one! The display screen is great the print head is great, all around this is a good printer if your thinking about buying one and frankly after all my research - the price was really the best considering all the addons it came with!

Buy one you will love it!

Zach Hollifield


This is an amazing kit for the price. Some reviews mention that they had parts come misprinted or not in working condition. You have to understand that this is coming from China and things like that happen. With that said, I had no problems with the kit at all. I would recommend flashing the board with Marlin firmware and using Repetier though. Print quality is top notch once calibrated.