Cameron Johnson


I have had this printer for over a week and I am pretty happy with its performance. Over all build quality of the printer is good, but I would suggest you buy the aluminum variant if you have a better printer.

I would like to point out the negatives about the printer before moving on the positives. The printer’s assemble manual is not helpful at all, it has to be re written and has to elaborate things as at parts it seems to assume the person assembling the printer is expert with these kind of electronics.

On the positive side the printer runs like a charm, I would recommend buying a high quality filament and paid software’s like Simplify3d to get the best printing results.



I ordered the print only because of the FDM technology. But the printer came as a surprise package and impressed me with all its functions and features. The FDM technology basically makes the printing process a lot easier, saving a lot of time and also makes the printer compatible with all kinds of materials. The double cold extrusion system is also an advanced one and fastens the printing speed which helps me to deliver all my projects before time. I print more in less time and my boss is happy with my work.



Product came from China, with little hesitant when I opend I found the package was neat and safe. All the parts were included and instructions are not so good but we can manage to build the kit with few support help I started to take prints. Satisfied



I am so glad that I ordered this printer as it has exceeded all my expectations. What makes the printer a good quality printer is its MK8 double cold extrusion system. This system is advanced and I do not have this feature in any of the 3D printers which I own. When I was assembling the printer I faced issues with fixing the z-axis but with the help of customer care support I was able to fix it precisely. After that I have never faced any issue with the axis and I am successful in getting high quality prints.

Robert Darland


I have used a $2000 3D Printer and this is my second 3d printer that has the ability to deliver quality prints

The printer comes in the form of a kit, which needs some skills to assemble but the user manual was precise and helped me get the printer together in 6 hours.

I Metal parts of the printer are good quality and looks sturdy, the printer does not vibrate much while printing which means I have got it working the way it should. I added a few extras like auto bed leveling and the MK8 Pro Metal Extruder. I certainly recommend the bed leveling probe to anyone planning to purchase this printer as it makes a printing hell lot easier.