A must buy if you need an economical printer with best and upgraded features. The printer is perfect for newbies as it is very easy to use if you go through the instructions in the manual properly. High quality motherboard and LCD display offers proper support. According to me the heatbed is not what I expected and also the printer gets jammed at times. I have recently started facing this issue. Otherwise the printer is a good quality printer and the print outs are also outstanding.

Caroline J. Ward


Being a professional I assembled it with the help of instructions in manual and required no other help. The printer is easy to use and even my son uses it at times with my guidance. He enjoys printing on this printer. I am very satisfied with the print quality. The only thing I feel which is not good is the heatbed as it is not up to the mark. Otherwise the printer is good to go.

Carlos B.


This is the best 3D printer I have ever had. It is equipped with so many good features like motherboard for perfect support, high quality MK3 hot bed and LCD display. The printer works flawlessly and I do not face any issues of parts getting blocked or jammed. I use the printer in my office and my boss appreciates it too. He also wants to have one printer for his cabin and I am planning to gift him one very soon. Recommended to everyone!



Pathetic printer! It is the worst printer I have ever had. It got delivered late with many missing parts. The customer service delivered the missing parts after 20 days. I was highly disappointed. They seriously tested my patience and the printer is still testing my patience. Even after assembling and fixing the printer many times I still face issues with Z-axis which never gets fixed and I get inaccurate print outs many times. The printing speed is also slow and I am not happy with any of the features. Not recommended!



This single printer can provide impressive results in various filaments. It’s been 4 months and I have experimented on all the filaments and I each time I was equally amazed. I choose filament as per my client’s demand and all of them is happy with the work I deliver. The amazing printing speed lets me deliver the projects before time. I have never faced any issue with this machine and it is working really well. I am happy! Recommended to everyone!