All in all a great buy! Assembly took a couple of evenings and it delivered good prints from the beginning. The frame is stable and rigid enough for pretty fast prints. My only complaint is that the creators didn't supply me the source for the specific model I have, I got a generic Marlin version. This only matters if you want to add new features up or upgrade. After some tweaking and testing I got it to work with the latest fw. Still going strong after seven months. A few screws have been tightened and I have printed some improvements and additions but the basic design is good. Wileur



A must buy! The Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Auto leveling printer came in nice packaging. A great value for money product. The 3D printer comes with a heated bed and other advanced features. It delivers amazing high resolution prints. The amazing printing speed allows me to save precious time. The printer is durable and ensures long-term performance without any hassle.

Francis Farris


I bought this 3D printer last month. Till now I haven’t faced any issue with this printer. The Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3 printer delivers excellent quality print. This machine is easy to operate which adds to the overall convenience. The commendable speed of this premium printer has helped me in completing my work assignments on time. The easy to understand instructions manual makes assembling of this printer quite easy.

John Fowler


I bought this Max Micron - Aluminium Frame printer 6 months back. This 3D printer works efficiently and helps me finish my office work at time. Perfect for people who require large amount of prints! The speed is good and the prints are clear. The resolution of the prints is outstanding. The only thing that disappointed me was the late delivery of the Aluminium Frame Auto leveling Prusa i3 printer.

Neil Anderson


Excellent Device! Astounding performance!

I am so happy to buy this auto-leveling Prusa i3 for my architectural assignments. This device resolved my all problems of outsourcing 3D prints for sampling work as well. Finally, now I can do 3D printing at my place without any woes and issues.

The FDM technology, make the process of printing on this printer easier and compatible with all types of thermoplastic materials. One machine with multiple functions at the most affordable range!