William Chandler


I bought this Max Micron - Prusa i3 with so much hope, but they were shattered. I agree that  its features are world-class but I had to put a lot of effort in assembling the DIY kit. The manual was out of my knowledge and I had to call a technician for assembling this printer.
But when I started using, I was glad I bought it. The printinf speed and quality are amazing. The metal frame was good and the printer was easy to use.

Griffin Molina


I have heard a lot about this Max Micron’s amazing features and functionalities. Thus, I bought this printer last month. But, it was so disappointed in the initial days. From delivery to its first print; that ruined my all patience and curiosity.

The packaging was so poor and was even difficult to assemble due to some of the miss-printing parts. Then, after so much tweaking, I ended with all assembling and assorting process. But, the troubles were not least here. When I processed for my first print the power supply box has stopped in between the process of printing. I have complained all the troubles.

Thank God! It was a great relief that technicians arrived quickly and resolved all the issues. Now, I can work smoothly and interestingly on this printer. Finger crossed! Hope my further experience with it, would be hassle-free!!

Eric S. Bearce


My friend has recommended me so I purchased this Max Micron for my office work. I found difficulty in assembling as its manual was less précised to understand and instructions are dreadful. One more thing disappoints me that it couldn’t support multi prints. So far, I found it gratifying to tinker with, though it lucks many times in terms of reliability of the product. I really like its robust aluminium metal frame and will work last long without any major wear ‘n’ tear issues. Overall, it is a good money-value device for prototyping.

Stanley S. Hoyer


I got an amazing offer on the purchase of this Max Micron Prusa i3. My order was fast delivered and arrived in proper and safe packaging. The printer is DIY upgraded version and has auto-leveling feature that make it easy to work on it. I love working with open source software -Repetier host. It works well with the printer and offers high-quality prints. The MK8 double cold extrusion system helps me to increase my efficiency by providing faster printing speed. At the end, this is a complete 3D printer that delivers incredible outputs.

Veronica J. Ramos


My daughter has brought this smart DIY 3D printer kit for her CAD. She was happy on her decision as it is very easy to handle and operate. This is a best choice for novice and DIY fun. It delivers high precision prints without clogging the nozzle and provides one-time molding prints. The printer has metal-frame which is solid and lightweight as well. She loves to print her CAD models on this amazing auto-leveling printer. I would certainly recommend this printer to my known-ones for sure.