Gregory S. Cunningham


I was dicey about ordering a 3D printer online but I am so glad that I ordered this one.

The assembling kit is complete and excellent, the print quality is really good and I have not faced any printing fails, mechanical breakdowns or jammed nozzles till now.

The printer comes equipped with MK3 aluminum heating bed and can easily print on ABS, PLA, flexible, wood and so on.

I recommended this printer to my colleague also and he is going to order it soon. Highly impressed!



The printer overall has been very good, and I have had no major issues with the operation of the machine.


-Printer was packaged well for shipping.

-Fairly easy to build, if you follow both the pictures and text you should get everything.

-All the major parts are made of metal.

-Print quality is good, and it worked right from the get go. No printing fails, jammed nozzles, or mechanical breakdowns as of yet.

-Customer service from Max Micron was helpful and very fast to respond.


-I received zero of the required T-slot nuts with my kit and had to order them separately (Max Micron reimbursed me).

-It could use some additional reinforcements between the 20x40 base channels and the 20x60 middle channel. It's acceptable for printing, but if you pick up the printer the vertical portion will twist out of alignment.

-I needed to tweak the printer firmware a bit to get the print coordinates to match the bed coordinates (it worked, but the prints were slightly off-center).

Stewart Grant


This is my 1st 3d printer and I so wish I purchased an assembled unit. There is nothing wrong with the kit just that I was unaware it would be so difficult to get it together. I had to call the customer services for assistance and they helped me get the 3d Printer fired up for printing.

Since then the printer looks like a robust machine and has prints well. I have tried with PLA and plan to print with ABS over the next week. My recommendations for newbies like me are to not rush with the assembly, make sure all parts are orientated correctly.

Adam Ross


You get a $1200 printer for just $380 and If you are ready to spend more you could get a lazer engraver for just $50 more, Can things get any better than this?

I got the delivery within a week and the printer arrived safely, I was able to assemble the printer within a day with a little help from a friend from a local makerspace.

Max Micron - A9, could print using ABS and Pla as it’s got a heated bed and the results were acceptable. With a little bit of tweaking I will get better.

The printer’s assembly manual was of no help and the company should reconsider and make a better manual.

Claudia Tempest


Finding the right kind of printer can be a real task at hand; with so many options it’s really confusing. I am glad I chose the Max Micron - A9 printer. I am a high school teacher and involved with school's science clubs.

I bought the printer to know how a 3d Printer works, hence I opted for a kit so that I get hands on experience with assembly of the printer. All the parts came well packed and nothing was missing, but the number of parts is way too many and can confuse anyone who is new to DIY.

The print quality is decent with the printer and I am using Cura which is open source software. I am planning to get simplify 3d but would hold on to the purchase till I get some reviews about it.