Remember this scanner comes as a kit and needs assembly. The instructions are pretty simple and you really do not have to sweat to get it together.

But I am really disappointed with the scan results; they are pretty dull and needs a lot of cleaning which can cost too high. The scanner also advertised that it will scan full subjects, however not without additional software purchases. I have tried everything but could not get it to work the way I wanted it to.

Harry Bowden


He3d Ciclop is the cheapest scanner you could get !! At $150 you really cannot expect a scanner right now, I know there has been a lot of buzz with the 3d scanning options to be available on the phone, however I feel it’s quite some time before that can be achieved.

And I highly doubt if that will ever happen, I mean 3D Scanning not a mainstream application and why would companies want to have this feature on the phone. Some would object that with VR becoming so common it’s a great added feature to capture Videos in 3d and I really want this to happen sooner than later.

I am loving this scanner as it serves my purpose and comes at the 1/10 th the cost of its competitors and its cheaper than most turntables available out there.



Fastest shipping. The item is provided without any documentation, but is easily found on the official website Bq or at least looking at the network "Ciclop 3D Scanner". Simply assembly, but the calibration was little hard. The molded parts are not of excellent quality but still acceptable. Overall I would recommend as a first approach to 3D scanning.



I always wanted to get a scanner, I researched a lot but most of the scanners are too expensive to be affordable, then someone told me about Ciclop DIY 3D Scanner, at first I was skeptic but then I thought it was worth a gamble to get one. I am glad I did as this has been a very nice discovery.

The texture scans aren’t perfect but with the right kind of lights the mesh scanning is certainly not an issue but at this cost I cannot really complain.

Gerard Cook


An efficient appliance that brings easy 3D scanning to our homes

I found this 3D Scanner from Ciclop an efficient appliance but it takes a lot of time to master full potential. 

Pros- The 3D Ciclop Scanner has a practical design with compact folding for easy storage. The software is smart and offers decent features. You get options to export to achieve an improved scan. The kit I got had all the required pieces and an assembly guide with all the necessary details and steps with which I was able to install it in no time.     

Cons- For impatient people like me, there’s a need to worry as it takes a lot of time to scan. Moreover, this 3D scanner requires proper lamps and lights as it can’t perform in typical household lighting.

The scanner is not as perfect as I expected it to be. But, its software is an impressive one. For experienced graphic designers, the scanner is one to have a lot of fun with.