Tony Evans


I got this kit because of the $150 price tag - I am a little disappointed about the quality of the printed parts - The door cover has holes and is very fragile and I had to remove some bosses inside to get the board in and there were no mounts for the board so I had to dill a couple of holes and use a zip tie to mount it firmly in place also the turn table none slip cover was missing. For instructions etc you have to download a huge file - The kit included a note saying customs would not let then send a CD??????????????? I will re-print parts and for the price it seems a good deal still.

Susan Nelson


If you are looking for a cheap scanner this is the best option available out there. The scanner comes as a kit and the assembly is pretty simple. It took me around 3 hours to get it working and have scanned 10 objects and all of them came out pretty well.

I would recommend this scanner for anyone who needs a scanner at the price of $150 its as good as any thing gets.

Carlos Cubas


Excellent product excellent customer service this is my mew store from now on love the product really and excellent price thank you a lot

Mark Wyld


I wanted a 3d scanner for scanning small objects but most of the scanners available out there were very expensive. Then a friend told me about He3d Ciclop which was available for just $150. As it’s a complete opensource scanner it does not require expensive scanning software to process the scans. The hardware quality is pretty nice and the rotating table top looks sturdy. This scanner can scan (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm.I have scanned some nice stuff using this scanner and with right lighting the scans are as good as professional scanners.



The 3D Scanner does such a good job it even picks up the dust floating around the object its very dusty here very nice DIY scanner.