Bob Patron


I love He 3D Ciclop scanner for its impressive way of figuring the scan angles.  This smart utility-filled creation is reliable and efficient. Injection molded parts are its USP.  

Windows, Linux, MAC operating system compatibility options makes it a foremost pick for me. I love this 3D scanner; it is an asset for my CNC machines. 3D Ciclop is an easy to use open source scanner.

It delivered within a stipulated time frame and was perfectly packaged.

Patrison Rob


I like He 3D Ciclop for its impressive software. I bought this scanner 2 months before although it assembles easily but I faced some chokes in calibrating it. Its compact folding and practical design ensures easy storage. This open source scanner is a great option for scanning small objects. Its rotating table is rigid and hardware quality is pretty good.



Powerful piece of equipment for 3D Scanning

I own a 3D Printer and know how much struggle is required getting the work done right by these appliances. So, when I went for buying the 3D scanner as I needed one for my grad project, I wasn’t much excited. But, Ciclop 3D Scanner came as hell of a surprise for me.  This scanner is a real smart device which knows its job. I am totally impressed with its way of figuring the scan angles. With the help of this scanner, I made my 3D Model scanned in different angles exactly as I wanted. I would recommend buying Ciclop’s HE 3D Scanner if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable one. 

Oscar Jones


When I bought this scanner most of the parts were 3d printed and fitting them together was very difficult. Then when I called the customer services they informed the newer version had Injection molded parts and they sent the same to me Free of Cost.

The turntable works well and the assembly is real fun. The scanner works well with the Horus software and scans are pretty solid. I use the Netfabb Free app to repair the scans before I 3d print them.

Harry Bowden


He3d Ciclop is the cheapest scanner you could get !! At $150 you really cannot expect a scanner right now, I know there has been a lot of buzz with the 3d scanning options to be available on the phone, however I feel it’s quite some time before that can be achieved.

And I highly doubt if that will ever happen, I mean 3D Scanning not a mainstream application and why would companies want to have this feature on the phone. Some would object that with VR becoming so common it’s a great added feature to capture Videos in 3d and I really want this to happen sooner than later.

I am loving this scanner as it serves my purpose and comes at the 1/10 th the cost of its competitors and its cheaper than most turntables available out there.