Mark Wyld


I wanted a 3d scanner for scanning small objects but most of the scanners available out there were very expensive. Then a friend told me about He3d Ciclop which was available for just $150. As it’s a complete opensource scanner it does not require expensive scanning software to process the scans. The hardware quality is pretty nice and the rotating table top looks sturdy. This scanner can scan (Ø) 250 x (H) 205 mm.I have scanned some nice stuff using this scanner and with right lighting the scans are as good as professional scanners.



The 3D Scanner does such a good job it even picks up the dust floating around the object its very dusty here very nice DIY scanner.

Cody Stropes


The scanner is ok and the scan needs a lot of rework.

I use this scanner for scanning small figurines and most of the times the scanner works well. Remember to color coat any shiny object which scanning as the camera lenses just cannot pick them. Horus 3d scanning software isn’t that great and needs some serious redoing. The good thing is that you could just reprint all the parts of the scanner on your printer in case you break them.

Kathy Princely


An out of the box 3D Scanning Piece! 

As an architecture student and someone who loves to play around with gadgets and 3D models, I really appreciate this 3D Scanning piece by Ciclop. I am really happy on having made a decision to buy this one. Everything right from the DIY installation kit and the scanning resolutions is perfect. Working on my projects has become real easy and even more interesting. This 3D scanner is just fantastic! 



I already own a 3D printer but this is my very first 3D scanner. I was dicey at the time of ordering it but now I am very happy. It was easy to assemble. I only had a problem while calibrating the scanner but that was sorted with the help of customer care. It is the best choice for scanning small objects and offers best quality print scans. This scanner is no less than a professional scanner as it offers all the features of a professional scanner.