Remember this scanner comes as a kit and needs assembly. The instructions are pretty simple and you really do not have to sweat to get it together.

But I am really disappointed with the scan results; they are pretty dull and needs a lot of cleaning which can cost too high. The scanner also advertised that it will scan full subjects, however not without additional software purchases. I have tried everything but could not get it to work the way I wanted it to.



I always wanted to get a scanner, I researched a lot but most of the scanners are too expensive to be affordable, then someone told me about Ciclop DIY 3D Scanner, at first I was skeptic but then I thought it was worth a gamble to get one. I am glad I did as this has been a very nice discovery.

The texture scans aren’t perfect but with the right kind of lights the mesh scanning is certainly not an issue but at this cost I cannot really complain.

Gerard Cook


An efficient appliance that brings easy 3D scanning to our homes

I found this 3D Scanner from Ciclop an efficient appliance but it takes a lot of time to master full potential. 

Pros- The 3D Ciclop Scanner has a practical design with compact folding for easy storage. The software is smart and offers decent features. You get options to export to achieve an improved scan. The kit I got had all the required pieces and an assembly guide with all the necessary details and steps with which I was able to install it in no time.     

Cons- For impatient people like me, there’s a need to worry as it takes a lot of time to scan. Moreover, this 3D scanner requires proper lamps and lights as it can’t perform in typical household lighting.

The scanner is not as perfect as I expected it to be. But, its software is an impressive one. For experienced graphic designers, the scanner is one to have a lot of fun with.



The 3D Scanner does such a good job it even picks up the dust floating around the object its very dusty here very nice DIY scanner.

Tony Evans


I got this kit because of the $150 price tag - I am a little disappointed about the quality of the printed parts - The door cover has holes and is very fragile and I had to remove some bosses inside to get the board in and there were no mounts for the board so I had to dill a couple of holes and use a zip tie to mount it firmly in place also the turn table none slip cover was missing. For instructions etc you have to download a huge file - The kit included a note saying customs would not let then send a CD??????????????? I will re-print parts and for the price it seems a good deal still.