I would recommend the scanner to everyone as it is very easy to understand and operate. The manual not only guides you how to assemble the scanner but also guides you about how it works. I am very happy with the high quality hardware construction of the scanner and also with the rotating table which is very durable. It is compatible with all the operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux, hence making my work less time consuming.



It is a good quality scanner but it is only recommended to you if you have the patience and time. The scanner consumes a lot of time while scanning. But it offers many advanced features which are hard to find in a scanner. It consists of an open source platform which can be used for online research and scan whatever I feel like. It is designed in a very modern way and can be folded which makes it easy to store in my space starved cabin.



I bought this to get into 3D scanning and understand how it works. I have several CNC machines and 3D scanning will be a great asset to my toolbox. This machine really opened my knowledge of 3D scanning for a very reasonable price. I am also going to try the X-Box Kenect for Windows next to see if it will be any different. This set-up is inexpensive, and if you have the patience, easy to make work. MeshCam can really help complete your image just learn how it works using you-tube (and it's free) :-)

Eric Wallace


Easy to use open source DIY 3d scanning kit.

The scanner was delivered within a week from the order and all the parts were well numbers and hence took me just 2 hours to assemble it.

The scanner works well. It’s a great purchase.

Mary Washington


With right lighting, He 3D Ciclop delivers scans that are as great as professional scanners.  The software of He 3D Ciclop is even remarkable. I like its practical design and compact folding confirming easy storage.

It is a perfect scanner for scanning small objects.  Even its hardware construction is pretty good and rotating table is sturdy.  Highly recommended for those who are looking for budget friendly scanner!