Perfect that they give you upgrades for the build area at such rates! I also really liked the free LCD control panel, but mine was malfunctioning and I had to get it fixed or else I would have given five stars! I personally chose this one for its awesome E3D hot dual extruder T wire rod drive.



The aluminium frame is really lightweight, can be pushed around in our office among work stations. I also like the precise layer resolution of 0.05-0.4mm and the auto levelling and height detection platform (it should be made an in-built feature instead of an upgrade choice). Although the shipping was free- it was delayed considerably in my case.



It has the upgraded version of MK8 dual cooling extruder and MKS base! After a lot of research I was able to find this one printer at such a great price here (thanks to the customer support person of 3D printers store). Loved the freebies, I ordered wood to start with since I already have some ABS and PLA stored.



The reason I bought this printer was because of soo good reviews I came across online. And, I am just so happy that I bought it as I’m really happy with every aspect. The printer got delivered well packed and works just perfect. The large build area with auto leveling platform makes it quite apt for all my work I need to do for my 3D modeling classes. The extruder is firm and I found the LCD monitor really a cool feature in this printer. It works PLA perfect, I also tried to print ABS and Wood and it works well too. Awesome printer and a great transaction! I highly recommended buying this printer to all the fellow shoppers. Go grab it!



It took me a lot of time in setting the bed to the accurate level. It was a time consuming process. But apart from this I like everything about this machine. It has a sturdy aluminum structure and the auto-leveling feature works great. The dual extrusion works flawlessly and I have never faced any issues with the machine. It has commendable printing speed and outstanding printing quality. The printer is very economical and I would like to recommend it to everyone.