R3tr0 Reinegger


The 3d printer is easy to assemble and does print pretty good. I would suggest everybody how thinks about buying this 3d printer to buy the automatic leveling because it's very useful and saves you a lot of time.

Slimane Chihani


This was my first experience with a 3D printer, I was able to build it, fine tune it and print in about 5 hours, and only because I installed a couple things wrong and had to back track a bit.

The instructions are similar to a Lego set, and are accurate at about 95%. This kit comes with all the required materials and software to get you to a completed product.

I can't imagine what else you could want from a printer and especially at this price. My prints look great and the quality is very adjustable depending on how much time to want to wait for your print. I would recommend this kit to anyone on any level of 3d printing experience,

Adam Cutler


The directions do take some time and intelligence to decipher, there are videos that can help and as long as you take it slow and methodically, it will come out fine. The small issues I had were minor at best and were easy to diagnose and fix. The software is easy to use and understand and works very well. I was able to seamlessly connect to the printer and test it out.



I bought this as a gift for my Son who turned 16 on the 3rd of this month; he was super excited to see this printer. I would suggest every parent to give a 3d printer as a gift to their children as this thing has the potential to grow big.

The kit arrived in 5 working days and according to a kit is definitely the best way to go, as it allows people to learn and understand the working of the printer better. My son was able to get this thing together in less than a few hours and he printed a Go Pro mounting case for me.

I am so proud of myself for purchasing this amazing product and thank you 3dprintersonlinestore for making it available for us.

Emmanuel F Moss


I have had this 3D printer for the past 2 months, and I have been designing in ZBrush and printing via Simplify3D. I think that it does better with PLA than with ABS. I have had trouble with the extruder, and I feel that the machine being so open is not good for ABS prints.

The ABS seems to wrap because it cools faster than it should be. I have learnt this through trial and error and after a few issues.