Chan Tai


First of all, this max printer has only 2 kg of spool. Last week, I was working on my project when the high extruder temperature decomposed the filaments jamming the nozzle. Due to shortage of time, I called the customer service and the issue was resolved there and then. But, it was a bad experience!

Piper Girdle stone


Max Micron is absolutely amazing!

 Shipping process was easy and products were well packed. I was able to assemble it in a short span of time. I am in love with its auto-leveling feature. The print speed is indeed up to 100 mm/sec.

It even supports all ops. Now, I can easily work on my Mac! All-in-all I think this printer has delivered its promise!

Caroline M. Sims


I have had a good experience with this printer. My teenage daughter creates impressive prints out of it. It would be nice if they increase the build-up volume also… Just a thought!

Wayne Dinsmore


This is my first build of a 3D printer. I thoroughly enjoyed putting this kit together. I've printed several objects now, and all came out fine with a minimum of tweaking.

I can't overstate how important it is to square up your frame as you build the base and also when attaching the uprights. A little extra effort here will prevent a lot of grief later.

Remember to lubricate ALL of the linear and axial bearings! If you forget, you WILL have to disassemble parts of the unit to get to them and, of course, realign the unit again.

Be aware that the Z-Axis motor mounts are also used to help stabilize the frame uprights. Make sure the motor mounts are butted up against the frame to increase strength and stability.

The auto-leveling sensor is a great feature! It makes it so easy to prep the bed for printing.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this is one nice printer for the money spent. Easy to use, low maintenance, and full of features.

Nicole Fitzpatrick


I am new to the 3D printing field. Just got my new job in the art department of a Fine Arts institution. I needed a good 3D printer to work proficiently. I did a lot of research on the internet and finally found this printer. And it’s amazing, worth the money.

A really cool printer, easy to operate without any gimmicks! Happy to have made this decision. This printer is quite fast, the outcomes look great. The printer is user-friendly and relatively fast. It is a great workhorse 3Dprinter.