Lacey Wickstrom


A great machine! Love it!

I've been using this printer for quite a long time now. This printer just works great and I never had a trouble working with it. So far, it has been working at a great speed. The resolution, print detailing, display screen, E3D extrusion system- everything about this printer is impeccable! A good option for beginners as well as experts!

Kevin Neugebauer


I read the reviews for this kit and was a little worried. When i got it one of the motors was jacked. Tech support team solved the problem in 5 hrs. The printer is of very good quality and prints so much better than the printrbot 1405 i was amazed. The support notch in every way. if you have problems with this machine they will help you in anyway they can. I would buy this again in a heart beat.

George Bennett


I’ve recently ordered the Max Micron for my daughter. When I received the shipment, all the components were packaged well and hardware was neatly labeled.

I got the printer assembled myself in about 6 hours after going through the videos and manuals. The printer has fine aluminium channels and good quality screws. The frame is quite robust. Its double extrusion hot-end allows for an easy height adjustment.

I tried printing using my SD card and Cura and am really impressed with it. There’s a little issue with the Z-axis as whenever I tried moving it right, it always moved up (and thus the 3 stars). I took help from an engineer and got it fixed.  All in all, I am happy with this printer.  

Patrick Pagé


This is the epitome of what open source plans can do for the little guy.

Although I have yet to run it (it arrived in the last week's of university) the build quality is beyond everything one would expect for the price tag.

Since it uses an E3D head, I have no doubts about modding it further down the road to use these tri-filament heads. Or thanks to it not being enclosed you have lots of possibilities to incorporate E3D's kraken head. (But these would require an upgrade to the electronics... but you have room for a slightly larger board as well.)

This printer should be the flagship of this store, displayed first and foremost before any others.Good or 5 stars does not do it justice.

Isabel B. Ferguson


Yes, this is not a kind of 3D printer which gets ready to work within minutes. You obviously have to spend hours assembling it and then some more time in adjusting your settings to get the perfect print.

But I always wanted a budget kit with dual extruder and that’s the main reason why I have ordered this printer. The printer along with its kit arrived in a good condition and its hardware was also well labeled in separate plastic bags.

The aluminum channels are of high quality and aluminum bed and nozzles also heats up very quickly. I have used it many times and it works great for me. Recommended to everyone!