Philip Williams on 12/10/2015
70 reviews

I got fascinated about 3D printers after reading about it in a science fiction book when I was kid, these things will change the way we make and distribute goods.

I bought this printer after being following the industry for some time now, I was super excited to know that 3d printers were available for this cheap.

I ordered the one with dual nozzle printer; extra laser engraver and larger bed size the top of the line printer with all features set me back $500.

And believe me I am so happy to order the extras, I have used the engraver as well as the printer and they both work perfectly on the printer.

I am super excited to have the printer and plan to run the printer nonstop over the next few months.

Cecilia Pham on 12/10/2015
70 reviews

Hey guys! Here’s my review for the Max Micron 3D Printer.

I decided to buy this printer after reading the positive reviews for its reliability and features. I have to say that the printer has been constructed well and seem durable. The quality of the prints is fairly good. I did face issues with the extruder head and its positioning and had to take help from a mechanic to get it function properly.



I would recommend buying this printer if you can overlook little issues.

John on 12/10/2015
70 reviews
Bought this before Christmas and still not got a print done. First problems with faulty brackets putting too much strain on Z axis, so motors struggled to lift. Secondly, main board failure after waiting three weeks for the replacement brackets. fitted new brackets turned on the power and nothing !!! I am still waiting for an outcome regarding the board, it doesn`t even talk to my PC to see if its a firmware problem. could be a good machine if I ever get it working :(
Simon H on 02/10/2015
70 reviews
After months of research, I chose the Max Micron It lived up to the hype. Everything worked exactly as advertised. Build & Aluminium Frame quality are extremely high, it's easy to use and the price is right. I recommend this unit to anyone and everyone
Happy Customer on 02/10/2015
70 reviews
Thank God! I love this printer it saved lot of time, The price is too affordable. I'm very happy to run this printer, and Im going to recommend this printer to my frnds.