Stella Kooij


It’s one of the cheapest 3d printer kit available out there, but it’s far better than most of them. I ordered my printer 3 weeks ago and the printer was promptly delivered within a week. I was able to get the thing together in 2 days that too after getting some help from a colleague.

The assembly manual was not helpful at all and with No online videos available it was a really difficult to get any help.

The printer works well once the it is put together, and does not need babysitting while it’s printing. I have tried printing with most kind of commercially available filaments and it works.

I would have given 5 stars if I could get the printer together myself.

John Forbes Nash


This is one of the best 3D printers you can buy for under $400 on the market right now. But let me say first of all. IF you have no experience with troubleshooting basic problems or no experience 3D printing you may have a difficult time adjusting.

Max Micron comes with very vague but adequate instructions for assembly which resulted in it taking me roughly 8 consecutive hours to complete. All the parts were in proper working condition and were properly packaged to prevent any damages.

The software is sufficient and allows for good control of your mechanical variables. Due to my knowledge prior to this printer I was able to find the optimal temperatures and settings for near perfect prints.

I would definitely consider buying another one soon!

Adam Cutler


The directions do take some time and intelligence to decipher, there are videos that can help and as long as you take it slow and methodically, it will come out fine. The small issues I had were minor at best and were easy to diagnose and fix. The software is easy to use and understand and works very well. I was able to seamlessly connect to the printer and test it out.

Emmanuel F Moss


I have had this 3D printer for the past 2 months, and I have been designing in ZBrush and printing via Simplify3D. I think that it does better with PLA than with ABS. I have had trouble with the extruder, and I feel that the machine being so open is not good for ABS prints.

The ABS seems to wrap because it cools faster than it should be. I have learnt this through trial and error and after a few issues.



Dylan Abelt


Truly a DIY project. If you have never assembled furniture that came in a box or never picked up an alan wrench, stay away. If you are, however, the kind of person who grew up building legos and slapping cheap dressers together... give it a shot. The secret to is to pay attention to the orientation of the parts in the basic assembly instruction. Now for the wiring... yes there is the documentation. Read it and get what you can out of it.