Isabel B. Ferguson


Yes, this is not a kind of 3D printer which gets ready to work within minutes. You obviously have to spend hours assembling it and then some more time in adjusting your settings to get the perfect print.

But I always wanted a budget kit with dual extruder and that’s the main reason why I have ordered this printer. The printer along with its kit arrived in a good condition and its hardware was also well labeled in separate plastic bags.

The aluminum channels are of high quality and aluminum bed and nozzles also heats up very quickly. I have used it many times and it works great for me. Recommended to everyone!

Dave Meadows


First class components, instructions easy to follow.

Excellent customer support from 3DPrintersonline.

Replacement Hotend sent to replace leaky one.

Some Teething problems but nothing compared to some other makes.

A few minor tweaks to make parts fit but otherwise first class.

Auto-levelling is brilliant.

N.B. make sure the X,Y,Z axes are dead square.



Precision is great

The printer works well with ABS & HIPS (haven't tried PLA). I've printed working M8 bolt & nut on first attempt with minimum support structure. I've slowed down the recommended printing speed significantly to get better quality.




I was looking for a budget kit with a dual extruder and came across this model .

I was a bit apprehensive reading the reviews, but ordered it anyway.

Kit was delivered promptly on 6th business day. Parts were well packed.

Hardware was well labeled in individual plastic bags.

Good quality aluminum channels and excellent Z-axis lead screws.

Though the instructions were lacking a bit, I had the printer assembled in a total of about 5 hours, after web video and reading manuals on the SD card.

After assembling it, I can confirm that this is an excellent printer.

I ran a test print (without filament) to make sure that all parts were working as expected.

The frame is very sturdy. Aluminium bed and nozzles heated quickly.

Tested using SD card, Cura and Repetier-Host and had no issues.

All in all, I am very happy with this printer.

Highly recommend this printer for anyone looking for a dual extrusion printer at a budget price.

Will update review as I continue to test.

Kathy J. Rivera


I ordered this printer for my son and it got delivered in 10 days. Though the instructions were not clear and lacking behind, it took me around 6 hours to assemble the printer after thoroughly going through the videos and manuals. I also faced an issue with the Z- axis as whenever I tried moving it right, it always moved up.

Later, I took the help of customer support and got the problem fixed. Although, I am not very impressed with the assembling instructions of the printer but the printer works fine as the prints are satisfactory.