Dan T


First experience with 3d printing. Bought for: the price, the aluminum extrusion chassis is cool (future project to increase size), and something to learn on.

I gave 5 stars not because it is perfect, but it is everything I expected. I ordered during Chinese New Year - delivery was still prompt. Submitted support ticket for STL files - they provided. Overall I’m very happy.

Few minor issues, they are learning and upgrade “opportunities”:

1. Documentation needs improvement (note: look on SD card for more files then provided on the “order” page).

2. No power supply switch and only 2 wire (no ground) power cord provided.

3. Only 1 fan (note: wire directly to 12V to cool hotend!). I get some pretty severe curling of print when over 35deg overhang, especially at the back side. A 2nd fan for cooling print is needed.

4. Loose about 30mm on each end (60mm total) of X-axis for dual-extrusion prints.

Anthony Martin


I ordered this as a Christmas present, it showed up and the quality was really nice from the start, the laser cut aluminum and acrylic parts looks awesome and the parts fit together nicely.

It’s a good printer at a great price and once calibrated does pretty good prints. I recommend buying this to learn how 3d printing works. You will learn much from assembly and testing.

I am sure the 2 Kg Filaments supplied with the printer would be enough to make you an expert if you happen to be open to learning.

Vini Modelismo Hobby


Very fast delivery. Assembly in 5 hours. Just be patient, take your time and read the instructions. Auto-leveling is very convenient. There are still some settings to have perfect results. Very good communication with the seller, who quickly answered questions.

John Turner


I basically echo the review of 'Bergman' above. Only problem I had was one of the end stop microswitch connectors was cabled wrong.

This basically shorted out the supply when the switch was tripped. Didn't take me long to figure it out and the power supply was not damaged.

I particularly like the fact that all the hardware was individually bagged and labeled - this made assembly actually easy. Watch out for the four corner braces that have the guides filed down - they're used in four special 'crosswise' mounting situations. It's shown in the instructions - but you have to look for it.

All in all, I'm very happy with this thing and, although I only had it for a week, have already printed a few nice models.

Definitely recommend it!

Vicki L. Moore


I am engineer and dealing with 3D printers is a part of my job. I ordered this printer as my friend who has been using it since 6 months gave me excellent reviews about it. I am also very impressed with the high quality parts of the printer and the aluminum frame, which I am sure is made using the best grade aluminum. The printer is compatible with PLA, ABS, HIPS, PVA and Wood and really worked well with these as I have tested them all. The printing speed which the printer offers is amazing and I am highly impressed.