Maxwell G on 11/07/2015
70 reviews
It is great. If you want bang for your buck, get this 3D Printer
Daniel Jaricek on 11/06/2015
70 reviews

Thanks for 3dprintersonlinestore for great support. First of all plz have a good sense of what ur doing. if u do you will not have probs. the video guide is ok. Some pieces are not the same as the video. but easy enough to figure out... Took 6hrs to assemble. and we have been printing are buts off from key chains to mario figures.

Christopher Chappell on 02/06/2015
70 reviews
The printer is well made, compact, hit's the right price point, isn't made of plywood, and is relatively simple to assemble. I would still recommend this printer for anyone with sufficient patience and mechanical aptitude. This isn't the kind of device you'd buy for middle school students or your grandmother.

However, with some effort put into the heated print bed and calibration, it will print as well as a $2500 printer. There isn't really anything else on the market, in my opinion, that touches this printer at this price. It's pretty quick and prints with nice surface finish and is infinitely repairable and up gradable. I don't regret my purchase in the least.

The mechanics of this printer are pretty good.

Tom Petty on 21/05/2015
70 reviews
After some initial problems with the printer I would like to say that the seller has been very responsive in resolving my issues. Initial issues with the printer are as follows. All have been corrected by either me or the seller.

1. Initial MAXTEMP error and the extruder indicated a temperature of 357 degrees at room temperature. Thermocouple set screw was too tight, shorting out the wires. Loosened and re-positioned.

2. Fans slowed down when power supply loaded down with both heaters and all motors running. Power supply read 11.75 V no-load and 9.6 V under load. Seller replaced power supply.

3. Extruder heater started fluctuating wildly and then stopped working entirely. Extruder heater voltage at the controller board was 0.5 V. Seller replaced the MKS controller board.

Martin Plavec on 20/04/2015
70 reviews
After initial problems were solved, this printer produces very good printouts.

Z-axis uses 2 stepper motors. One of them was kinda stuck, it was very hard to move by hand (unpowered) and as a result it was often missing some steps. This was fixed by itself after some time. The other stepper motor moved in the opposite direction as it should, this resulted in 4 broken linear bearings. After swapping 2 wires on the stepper and buying new bearings all was fine.

Wires from power supply to the control board are too hot, they should be thicker.

When I start the printing, the bed and nozzle are heated first. This takes some time but you can not just leave the printer because the Z-axis positioning is not very accurate and printing sometimes begins 1-2 mm above the bed.