Machine took longer than usual to arrive. There was an issue they wanted to get right before shipping. 3d printers online store was on top of emailing the Manufacturer to get it shipped.

Had the machine assembled in a few hours. Instructions on the included sd card were sufficient, but called out the wrong screw a couple of times.

And had not been updated to the model I ordered. The kit had all it's parts except for 4 T-slot anchors. After assembly and crude nozzle adjustment, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the prints. I have set up and run Makerbot and Ultimaker, and neither one completed its first print.

The Max Micron did. You will have to tinker with this machine, and a little bit of knowledge of 3d printing will help trouble shoot immensely, it is well worth the price.



I received this printer about 4 weeks ago, and so far I have been very satisfied with it! When I received the printer the two pulleys I received for the X and Y belts had holes which are too large for the stepper motor shafts.

I ended up calling the customer care and they replaced the faulty parts within a few days and everything works well now. Great price for a very large build area, auto bed levelling probe works well and the aluminum used to make the printer looks really high quality.

I could print a lamp shade on it as it was an 18 hours print I was worried that things would go wrong but to my surprise things went very well.



Great budget kit if you enjoy assembling things yourself. Check every single part carefully upon arrival. No bill of materials supplied. Use the build diagrams to work out what should be there.

Unfortunately my kit has been plagued with basic problems that have delayed assembly by weeks. The packing was careful and adequate, but the power supply was damaged and 4 printed parts were missing. MaxMicron have been genuinely responsive and flexible about solving the problems. They were very quick to send the missing parts and refund money after we agreed that it was more practical to get a power supply locally.

Basic tools are supplied but a 0.5M ruler, vernier calipers, needle-nose pliers and a wire-stripping tool will be helpful additions. Need solvent to clean tape glue off aluminium extrusions and metal rods. Recommend teflon-filled oil lubricant ("SuperLube") for rough sounding rods and bearings.

Would have given 5-stars if it wasn't for the missing and broken parts.

Linda Pickerel


I looked at various 3D printers for weeks before settling on the Max Micron - Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer. I chose the printer because it was made using European standard aluminum structure, the heated bed, the integrated auto leveling controller and most parts are metal.

This is a buying suggestion for anyone looking to buy a DIY 3d printer, make sure you buy a printer which has all metal parts or at least injection molded.

The printer’s assembly was not easy as it had too many small parts and getting them together was a real task. My first print failed miserably as the cura software starts printing a few mm above the zero established by the endstop. Had to use simplify 3d to get great results.

Stick with it and you will enjoy 3D Printing.

Slimane Chihani


This was my first experience with a 3D printer, I was able to build it, fine tune it and print in about 5 hours, and only because I installed a couple things wrong and had to back track a bit.

The instructions are similar to a Lego set, and are accurate at about 95%. This kit comes with all the required materials and software to get you to a completed product.

I can't imagine what else you could want from a printer and especially at this price. My prints look great and the quality is very adjustable depending on how much time to want to wait for your print. I would recommend this kit to anyone on any level of 3d printing experience,