Michael Andre


This is not a plug n play printer, you will spend hours building it, and then some more hours calibrating your settings to get the perfect print. If you want to be technical and want to learn about 3D printing then this may be for you but you may be in over your head and potentially get really frustrated. This Kit is pretty strait forward, with proper instructions to assemble the printer. The kit had all that’s needed to get the printer up, and if you have played lego when you were young you will enjoy building this piece of machine.

Frank Morison


A Perfect solution for work environments

I am an engineer who specializes in colorants and preservatives. Working with 3D printers is part of my job. The Max Micron has been amongst those machines I love to work with.

This printer was delivered to me with a perfect kit with all the required components with two filament tubes as a free gift.

It offers better facility with LCD display and works really fast without compromising with the print quality. Highly recommended for those looking for a dual extrusion printer at a budget price.  



This kit isn't recommended for people who are not comfortable with electronics and assembling hardware in general, but if you are comfortable with such things go for it.

The timing belts have to be really tight otherwise your prints will be messed up the layers will fall out of place.

Get a Glass sheet for the printer bed if you need better prints. use your phones surface leveling app to calibrate the bed.

Check the end stop switches are working as soon you have assembled the printer.

Upgrade may be needed for power supply as it has 2 nozzles, I feel it one supplied with the printer isns apt to handle all the power needs.

Make an enclosure for the printer if you want it to work with ABS. Pla printing works great under normal conditions. Its a good purchase if you are ready to invest time and efforts to get it printing.

Andrew James


Max Micron is incredible. Second printer I have bought from them. Shipping is amazing and products are well packed. Have bought from another and didn't get what was advertised.

I would buy from this seller because the products are outstanding and everything is easy to understand.

Printer took a day to assemble and have up and running.

Auto level is great once it is setup and now I can't live without it. Just make sure to check, check and triple check all your connections and configurations. If you follow everything you should have no problems.

Eric Jao


By far the best deal for a descent print size and working dual nozzles. You can print up to a 6" cube while most others print half that size and are more expensive. This kit is very robust and easy to assemble. Live chat, provides a great support.

My kit had some issues with the build plate being bent however the customer support replaced it for me. The printer works well with all kind of filaments however if you do not want the printer jamming I would recommend high quality filaments.

The print quality depends upon a lot of things so if you do not get desired results at first don’t lose hope.