I received this printer about 4 weeks ago, and so far I have been very satisfied with it! When I received the printer the two pulleys I received for the X and Y belts had holes which are too large for the stepper motor shafts.

I ended up calling the customer care and they replaced the faulty parts within a few days and everything works well now. Great price for a very large build area, auto bed levelling probe works well and the aluminum used to make the printer looks really high quality.

I could print a lamp shade on it as it was an 18 hours print I was worried that things would go wrong but to my surprise things went very well.

John Forbes Nash


This is one of the best 3D printers you can buy for under $400 on the market right now. But let me say first of all. IF you have no experience with troubleshooting basic problems or no experience 3D printing you may have a difficult time adjusting.

Max Micron comes with very vague but adequate instructions for assembly which resulted in it taking me roughly 8 consecutive hours to complete. All the parts were in proper working condition and were properly packaged to prevent any damages.

The software is sufficient and allows for good control of your mechanical variables. Due to my knowledge prior to this printer I was able to find the optimal temperatures and settings for near perfect prints.

I would definitely consider buying another one soon!

Moldovan Marius


Great printer! This is way better than the $850 printers ive used before. I've only printed with PLA so far, ill update when I try ABS.

I don't suggest heating the hot plate above 50 for PLA. Theres just no need to. I'm getting great quality prints with 50c heat bed, 215c extruder.

I'm having an issue with the X-direction pulley, the screws keep backing out of the pulley, so i tried some gorilla glue. hopefully once it sets I wont have any issue.

The only thing is that for long prints, the heat will cause your PLA to warp before it goes into the hot end.I think this is caused when the PLA bends a little and touches the metal rather than going directly into the PTFE sleeve that takes it down to the nozzle. it could be that simply having a slightly longer PTFE tube would solve the problem. Edit using a 0.2mm layer width seems to move the plastic along quickly enough that this isn't really an issue. just dont expect to make it though large prints at 0.1mm layers.

As for the instructions, I found that the provided pictures worked fine. the printer took around 10 hrs to assemble and begin the first print. It failed to connect to my windows computer, which to be honest is probably an issue with windows, not the board. I'll see how it works on ubuntu. Exporting g-code to a SD card worked perfect.



This is a hobbyist printer and do not expect professional print outs with it. It works pretty well and the aluminum frame gives it the much needed stability to negate the vibrations and wobble the printer causes. Built it without much problem, although the instructions are vague and not very helpful. It took me around ~5-8 hrs for assembly and the printer was able to print immediately. At this price rage the printer is a real deal.

Dorothy Byrne


I love my new printer!

I have recently bought this printer and all I could talk about since the day is how good this is. I love this 3D printer! It truly is a cost-effective high speed solution. I have been working on this one for almost 9 hours a day daily since past five days and it just works so amazing without missing a beat.  Hands down, the max micron is the most recommended printer available in the market.