Simon H


After months of research, I chose the Max Micron It lived up to the hype. Everything worked exactly as advertised. Build & Aluminium Frame quality are extremely high, it's easy to use and the price is right. I recommend this unit to anyone and everyone

Happy Customer


Thank God! I love this printer it saved lot of time, The price is too affordable. I'm very happy to run this printer, and Im going to recommend this printer to my frnds.

Ronen Stolarski


Thanks for a great product, the delivery was very fast. I assumed the printer at less than 6 hours with no problems, really easy. I did not start printing yet but hopefully will start this week. The communication with the seller was absolutely great and I got full answer after an hour, thanks for that.
The only remark that I have is, please add a small paper with "rea d me first" explain that all documents and programs are in the SD card. It would save me at least 1 hour for searching the documents.
Thanks again for a great product.

Lorraine Deon


"I didn’t buy this printer but I got a chance to test it .

The machine I received was really pretty well packed . Not hart to assemble but just be ready to spend some time putting it together and the PDF would be of great help . All the parts and tools that you need to build it are in the box.

I've had this printer for a week now and love the thing! It works well with PLA and ABS , I even tried wood and got a good print ."

Daniel Jaricek


Thanks for 3dprintersonlinestore for great support. First of all plz have a good sense of what ur doing. if u do you will not have probs. the video guide is ok. Some pieces are not the same as the video. but easy enough to figure out... Took 6hrs to assemble. and we have been printing are buts off from key chains to mario figures.