Jimmy Craig


This has to be one of the easiest out of box 3D printers on the market.Had set up and printing in about 2 hours flat. The printer is worth the money and a lot more, the price was reasonably good, It got shipped to me in less than 7 working days and in good condition.

I could easily rate it higher than other expensive FDM machines out there.



The aluminium frame is really lightweight, can be pushed around in our office among work stations. I also like the precise layer resolution of 0.05-0.4mm and the auto levelling and height detection platform (it should be made an in-built feature instead of an upgrade choice). Although the shipping was free- it was delayed considerably in my case.



It has the upgraded version of MK8 dual cooling extruder and MKS base! After a lot of research I was able to find this one printer at such a great price here (thanks to the customer support person of 3D printers store). Loved the freebies, I ordered wood to start with since I already have some ABS and PLA stored.



I received the printer in good condition, after 10 days waiting for shipping it came in 48 hrs. I had a problem with SD card which was empty. Both 3dprintersonline and Maxmicron helped to get instructions and soft included very quickly. Really easy to build if you like diy. No missing or damaged parts. My first prints are very nice I thought it would be harder than it was. I kindly recommend this product

Philip Williams


I got fascinated about 3D printers after reading about it in a science fiction book when I was kid, these things will change the way we make and distribute goods.

I bought this printer after being following the industry for some time now, I was super excited to know that 3d printers were available for this cheap.

I ordered the one with dual nozzle printer; extra laser engraver and larger bed size the top of the line printer with all features set me back $500.

And believe me I am so happy to order the extras, I have used the engraver as well as the printer and they both work perfectly on the printer.

I am super excited to have the printer and plan to run the printer nonstop over the next few months.