It took me a lot of time in setting the bed to the accurate level. It was a time consuming process. But apart from this I like everything about this machine. It has a sturdy aluminum structure and the auto-leveling feature works great. The dual extrusion works flawlessly and I have never faced any issues with the machine. It has commendable printing speed and outstanding printing quality. The printer is very economical and I would like to recommend it to everyone.



It is very easy to assemble as being an unprofessional I was able to assemble it within few hours and that also without facing any major issue. The most advanced feature of the printer is its integrated motherboard and its compatibility with many filaments. From last months I have observed that the printer keeps on getting clogged from time to time and I am still not able to figure out the reason. The print outs are of good quality and all thanks to the integrated motherboard.



The printer is the perfect machine for newbies or unprofessional like me as it is very easy to assemble and use. I managed to complete the assembling on my own and that also in very last time and this is my first 3D printer. The integrated motherboard and its compatibility with various filaments makes my work very easy and I get good quality print outs. I do not use the printer very regularly but whenever I use it I always feel happy to have it. Recommended to everyone who is new to 3D printers.



I got this printer as a gift from my sister four months ago and I couldn’t be happier. The printer is perfect for me and it has all the features which I wanted for my work. The print quality of the printer is outstanding and the printing speed is unmatchable. I take out so many prints in just few hours. The only issue which I face at times and I have read it in other reviews also is the issue with the Z-axis which is difficult to fix at times.



Ordering the printer was easy and it got shipped on time. I assembled the printer within few hours with the help of manual which got delivered along the printer and I also took my friends help who is a professional in 3d printers, without his help it was impossible for me to assemble the printer because the manual is incomplete and does not provide step to step information. When I initially started printing I figured out that the z-axis does not remain fixed to its position and I am tired of resolving the issue again and again. I am not able to print. I don’t know how to fix the problem.