Sharon D. Richmond


I am a mechanical engineering student and I get monthly projects which require major use of 3D Printing tools. Of all the 3D printers, I’ve ever worked with; Max Micron is the best. The print bed is quite a huge one, extruder is robust and the print surface is phenomenal. What more I could say. I am so happy with the quality of prints- they’re just perfect and beautiful. Working on my projects has got easier with this printer. I would highly recommend buying it for someone who’s looking for a high-functioning printer.

Guadalupe K. Hendricks


Max Micron is a nice printer but then with everything, there is a learning curve. Initially, I did face little issues with this printer like setting its bed to the exact level and understanding the working nature. But, with time everything went really smooth and now I’m happy with this 3D printer. It has a strong and stable aluminium build which I’m pretty sure is going to stand the test of time. The prints are of great quality. I’ve made good models with the help of this printer and I am still learning all that this printer can do.

Adrian Toma


This i3 kit is very easy to assemble. The features and printing quality offered by this printer is typically found in much more expensive machines. I have not seen this combination of features at such low price! The build-up volume is large. I can easily connect it with Cura. Although, I was a little upset as it was delivered to me after ten days. But, it was worth waiting for a printer as budget-friendly as Max Micron!

Harrison Hussey


This printer is brilliant! Heartening 5-stars!

 Currently, I am using dual-extrusion wizard. I can easily slice the models using G-code previewer. You can also check out this link for printing multiple parts:

Steven M. Wilson


I bought the Max Micron printer a month ago, and it came out of the box carrying a few problems for me. I am hereby listing the pros and cons of this printer.  

Pros: This printer has a strong aluminium structure. I really found its exclusive integrated motherboard, double extrusion hot end nozzle good enhanced features in this range.  The easy adjustable height of this printer easies the work.   

Cons: Coming to the cons, the printer has clogged a few times. I could never identify the reasons. The biggest issue I faced concerns the Z-axis. I tried hell lot of times, but it never fixed. I had to call an engineer to fix the issue.

Now, the printer is working quite fine. But, I had expected so much more.