Was delivered on time, assembly was rather easy to handle any problems encountered during assembly were minor and easily resolved.

The parts look good quality, The aluminum frame is made using the best grade aluminum, the Z-axis lead screws are the best you can get.

The printer looks strait out of a science fiction magazine, and it works well as well.



Man just buy this kit surely this wont disappoint you, worthy for its price



I ordered this kit with the upgrade auto-level and larger build area. It only took a week from when I ordered to when I received the kit.

The directions I got matched the sizes of everything for the larger build area, and had a special section on the auto-level. They are semi vague, almost like lego instructions. This is my first time messing with a 3d printer and assembly took me about 5 hours total.

Once assembled I had a few issues of my own making. The 2 bolts holding the Y belt to the build plate should have a thread locker on them. I had them fall out once, and get loose a second time before I used some locktite. Other than that once I had temps right for the material being used it printed great. Then I cut the layers down to .1mm instead of .2 and they come out even better, just slower.

I would definitely recommend this kit for someone looking for dual head printing capability on a budget.

Andres Martinez


I wanted to learn what 3D printing is all about without breaking the bank. The instructions were organized in logical sequences, that are not hard to follow and with a little struggle assembled the kit within a day.

Heard the most difficult part of using the printer is calibrating it, hence I got the auto calibration feature which costed me little extra

I was able to make all the Christmas tree jewelry my self and Also donated some to the local charity and they asked me show people how I made them.

I felt like a super star at the charity function where kids were super excited to see me print. I feel every home should have a 3d printer and as the technology becomes cheaper and easier to use it will happen.

Indra Uno


The Kit isn't really bad but its badly handled by Max Micron. The assembly instructions are broken and extremely difficult to understand. I somehow managed to get this together but the time it takes to tweak and get the printer running smoothly can be frustrating.

My printers Y axis is skipping, causing a stepping pattern in my prints. I called the customer support to find a solution for it but they could not help me with it. I ended up replacing the motor which solved the issue.

The Display screen flickers occasionally and stops working, I guess most of the issues mentioned above can be resolved with a better quality check at the manufacturers end.