I'm still in the process of building the Printer. So far I've had no problems due the excellent videos on YouTube and the PDF file on the Geeetech site that guide you through each section. Also the PDF file gives you all the part numbers and clear photos for each section.

The videos are very good as well. The packing was very good when it was delivered. I am looking forward to start using the Printer. One thing I am slightly disappointed about is you can't print any other filaments apart from ABS and PLA.

I have looked on the Geeetech site FAQ's and another person asked if the company will be doing a printer head for wood and metal, the answer was no but to try the wood filament but it's not guaranteed to work properly as the filament can block the print head.It also seems they are not developing a print head to be able to use other filaments.

I hope they do, as this seems to be a very good company to buy from and the M201 Printer is of very good quality.



Good printer however the assembly manual is not up to the standard. Please get it written by someone who speaks English.

You have to handle a lot of parts to assemble this printer, Stay away from it if you do not like DIY.

I have used this printer for a week now and it works fine, I have no complains about the printer it a great gadget to gift during these holidays.

Ben Oxford


I purchased this printer a month ago, the kit arrived safely and I was able to get the pieces together in a day.

The Kit had all high quality material, and the assembly instructions were not too difficult to understand. I had the calibration print done within an hour of getting the package which was great.

The printer has a huge build area for the price and also supports Printing from SD card. I have not stop printing since I got this printer. I would highly recommend this printer to every one reading reviews to purchase this printer.

Paul Russell


My first 3D printer. I'll admit it didn't work perfectly right out of the box. But the customer support which is English speaking helped me get this thing together. Remember that to run a 3d printer you will need A bit of tech background, mechanical skills and a lot of patience.

I got this printer for the adjustable filament feeder which works way better than you can imagine. It needs a little bit of tinkering but once you get the feed ratio right the results are breathtaking.

Remember to buy good quality of filaments if you do not want your printer extruder to jam every time you are using filament mixer.

Sophie Keller


New color gradient approach gives brilliant prints

This 3d printer is just so amazing. I’ve been using this one for two months now and never have I had any problem while printing. The thing I really love about this printer is its blending color approach which gives a unique and outstanding expression with prints.

The dimensions, printing volume are larger enough than the former models. It indeed is a good bang for buck!