Alex Kummer


Great printer with amazing build volume. I'll start by saying, this is my second 3D printer I have a had a Printerbot before this and was fed up of it.

It worked great once I was able to get it together, I love the Filament mixing feature.

The only issue I have is with the standard slicing software, Guess its called cura and I am not very happy with the way it looks. Its not user friendly, I would like to tell the manufacturers to make a custom software if they want to be in the business for a long time.



This is a very intelligently designed machine. The extruder of my old printer kept getting jammed from becoming jammed because of its over fused filament, but this is not the case with this 3D printer. They have added an over fused protect feature to take care of this issue. I am able to work very smoothly now. Fully recommended!



My work has become a lot easier now. 2-in-1 hotend actually gets a lot of time and effort saved for me. Thanks for this wonderful machine. Delivery did not happen on time…order well in advance.



I really like the 2-in-1 hotend feature of this 3D printer. It allows me to do the printing very conveniently in two different colors. I could do the color blending easily. I find the printing speed going down at times. Might need to get it checked.

William J. Graham


While I was planning to buy a 3D printer online, I came across this printer and was really impressed with its features. This printer is perfect for the DIY projects which I handle. The most impressive feature about this printer is that it comes with 2-in-1 hotend which can be switched and it offers an easy way to print in two dissimilar colors. This unique feature makes my work very easy and also saves a lot of my time. I print with PLA and the results are outstanding. I will recommend this printer to everyone. It’s a great machine to own.