This store sale service is really good but the support team from geeetech is a night mare, really gave up on them after talking to them for a few hours as I realized we were heading to a dead end. Then I met someone on a reprap forum who could assist me and finally my printer was ready to print after a week of fiddling around.

Anna Mayer


A good quality printer with trivial defects

When I received my shipment, I was a little disappointed as it had a broken component in one of the extruders. I contacted the customer service and asked them to get it replaced. To my surprise they were really fast in sending me the new part. It took me quite some time to assemble the parts in a correct manner and once done with it, I was able to print brilliant quality prints.

Pros- It allows you to experiment with a new blended way of printing with a new 2-in-1-out switchable hotend. The overall printing performance is quite impressive. Appreciable customer service.

Cons- You might find bugs in the firmware that requires technical help.   

Overall, the new Prusa i3 M201 is a good value for money.   



Geeetech Prusa I3 M201 is a high quality professional printer. I have owned many 3D printers in the past but this one is the best one. It is an updated machine with best features which are especially there to offer you the best printing in minimum possible time. The printer is equipped with 2-in-1 hotend which can be switched easily and allows you to print in two different colors. Each color contributes the best to offer excellent models and printing speed also maintains its consistency. Recommended to everyone!



When I ordered the printer I had no idea that it can only print on PLA and ABS and I was slightly disappointed. I wanted a printer which can print on many filaments. Still I assembled the machine to see how it works. When I started printing I got so impressed with the accuracy and high resolution of the prints that decided to keep this printer and I only work on this printer now. I use both the filaments and get I do not even want to work on any other filaments now. My boss is happy with my work and I am getting a promotion too. an't print any other filaments apart from ABS and PLA.

Claude J


I was literally shocked when I received the printer. I was so poorly packed and arrived in very bad condition. Some of the main parts were even broken and I realized it very late. I immediately called the customer care and asked them to replace the broken parts at the earliest. The parts got replaced in 5 days and I completed assembling it in 8 hours. It was a tough task and required a lot of patience. I am very unhappy with poor packaging and broken parts which I received. I will personally not recommend the printer to anyone.