Tim Reynolds


Purchased this printer and set it along side my ProJet 3510 (UV Polymer), 3DS Cube (FDM) brand, and ZPrinter (Poweder) 3D printer. I have to say that this printer outperforms the Cube printer hands-down and while not as precise as the ProJet 3510 (which costs over $80K), it has become my preferred printer. I've printed PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, and Wood filaments; all with success. But, to get anywhere near the best out of this printer, you absolutely have to get the Simplify3D software to go along with it.

This software allows the real control that allows this printer to shine. While, overall, the printer is not as turn-key as the ProJet, ZPrinter, or Cube, it is way more versatile and cheaper to operate. It seems to be built using basic components which will also make it simple to repair, if it breaks. So far, only have a few hundred hours on the printer, so I can't speak to the ultimate longevity, but I can say that I am very satisfied with the print quality and they construction for the cost.

I compared the prints from this printer to ones from a Fortus machine and while not as fine, they are definitely useable. I think the main thing is that this printer is not for a beginner or someone who just wants to hit the button and watch it print. It requires knowledge and research into materials and properties in order to get the most out of it. I don't print as a hobby, I do it to create prototypes of products for customers. This was definitely worth adding to my inventory of 3D printers.

Francis de Rege


There are already so many reviews on this 3D printer that I'm not sure what to add. I am really happy with the printer in general. I think its hard to beat it for the price and simplicity of getting it running. This was my first 3D printer so I did run into the te_ical excitement and frustrations of doing something the first time. I'm really pretty good a breaking things and I have to say the support from Tang has been great, from guiding me to replace nozzles, troubleshooting software and replacing parts. I have moved on to some other 3D printers that have other advantages (e.g., larger, more adaptable) but I always come back to this printer if I want a simple and easy to use tool to get a part out quickly.

Danny Mavromatis


Just received this printer and got it setup. Using Astroprint and a RasberryPI to be able to send gcode generated by Simplify3D. The combination make it a pretty consistent printer. Have already printed a bunch of stuff and haven't had any issues yet. Highly recommended!



I love it so much I bought a second one. It does everything a Makerbot Replicator can do just as well for half the price. I like how this bot can read file and folder structures whereas the makerbot does not. It's possible to change the LED color of the bot through the software, whereas on the makerbot you can do it from the front panel. Little differences. Overall I would say a Flashforge Creator pro is the best bang for you buck.



I love this printer. It is my second printer and I don't think there is a better printer for the money.

Also the customer support is great. Very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this printer.