A smart purchase – Worth its cost!

This is our first 3-D printer and we love it. We print new things out everyday. Very fun and easy to use. Thanks Tang for the great customer support.

Eddie W Kegel


Tang fixed my issue immediately by shipping new parts using DHL, Excellent customer service.

Now I can start to print parts using both extruders and will update rating to 5 stars after evaluating quality of printer parts.

I just got this printer 2 weeks ago. This printer I purchased after researching a lot on web.

Final two contestant were FlashForge Creator Pro or MakerGear M2. I decided to go with FlashForge Creator pro as this has dual extruder.

I also bought Simplify 3D with this unit, Here are issues I have seen so far in 2 weeks.

After assembling unit first sample print failed. I Leveled Build plate and in next builld sample traffic cone came out OK. Simplify3D does not work with USB connection on windows 10 computer, there are communication errors, not sure where the problem is. could be Windows 10 or Simplify 3D or FlashForge

As I am new to 3D printing I am only downloading small models from "thingiverse" and printing them. In few days left extruder stopped extruding material,, exchanged email with Tang, he was quick to respond and he said nozzle is jammed, I cleaned left nozzle with acetone and tiny wire thoroughly, left extruder started to work for few hours then stopped extruding again.

Now I can barely print anything with left extruder, not sure if printer shipped to me was fully calibrated and tested.

I have also noticed when I level build plate all four corners are leveled OK, but after leveling all four corners when I take extruders in middle of plate extruders are very tight on center of plate, not sure if this is problem with my leveling procedure or build plate is not completely flat in the center.

I also find very difficult to take parts off from the build plate, Tang advised to have little wider space between extruder and build plate.

Tang is very quick to respond and is mailing replacement parts to be changed by me.

I had very high expectations from this new printer based on other people reviews, and was not expecting any problems from new printer.

I will try printer again after recieveing new parts from china, if this solves my problem, else I will be returning this printer and will go with my next choice of MakerGear M2.

I will update my star rating again once I have fully functional printer to test.

Lovis K


I am new to 3D printing and was a bit nervous about buying this machine as some reviews say that it is more of an intermediate level printer. For full disclosure I have to add that I am a mechanical engineer and my mechanic abilities are certainly above average. However, I have had zero problems with this printer.

I have used it a lot although I have only owned it for 7 weeks, not a single print of mine has failed - ever! It is a little bit tricky to figure out the settings at first but if you keep trying and remain unafraid of making mistakes you will figure it out. I have found that ABS prints fast and reliably at 50 mm/s feed rate and 100 mm/s travel speed. I am still using the stock supplied ABS spools and am very happy with the quality of prints.

If you don't mind tinkering a little bit (really - just a little) and getting more into the details of 3D printing, this is for you!



I researched a lot to find what I thought would work for my purposes. I am very pleased with this printer. I have not used it to its potential yet and I wish there were some online tutorials for printing with dissolve-able filaments etc....from the sellers, but otherwise pretty easy to set up and use. I am using this with my middle school classes for engineering projects. I have printed about 50 objects thus far with no problems. I am receiving a grant to buy more 3d printers and I did not hesitate to spend that money on four more of these printers. That ought to tell any reader that this is an excellent product and much cheaper than others in the same class. Everyone's needs are different, but this one suits my needs very well and not only would I buy again, I AM currently buying again.



Had my printer for about a year now. It's a hard learning curve but very much worth it. I chose Flashforge for all the reviews on how great their customer service is when a problem arises. Having first hand experience of their customer service I have to say it is top notch. They go way above and beyond to help you figure out problems and fix any issues. 5 star company for sure.

There is a steep learning curve to become a master at 3D printing but when you can get there and then there is no end to the amazing things you can do.