Jason Kost


It's a nice printer. Setup is more intense than other things these days. But I got mine going without an issue. The first print was great. I discovered the hard way though that the print area is 8.8" WIDE, 5.7"deep, and 5.9"high. Not 8.8 high...

Wendy Richardson


Wow! This is a great printer. I get higher quality prints with so much less effort than the RepRap Prusa i3.

The instructions were so helpful that I didn't even need to contact Mr. Tang for support. I recommend that you peel the paper off the plastic pieces for the cover before assembling otherwise it is much harder to peel them off afterwards. The video instructions show them building with the tape on.

It comes with two rolls of filament and test print files that print really well. Spend some time on leveling the bed because that is really important.



I love it so much I bought a second one. It does everything a Makerbot Replicator can do just as well for half the price. I like how this bot can read file and folder structures whereas the makerbot does not. It's possible to change the LED color of the bot through the software, whereas on the makerbot you can do it from the front panel. Little differences. Overall I would say a Flashforge Creator pro is the best bang for you buck.

Alvaro Uribe


Worse customer support ever! Just for this reason I would not recommend to buy this printer.



This is my first 3D printer. I did plenty of research before ultimately deciding to take the leap with the FlashForge Creator Pro. Let me tell you, I could NOT be happier with this machine. Having a good machine will give you a solid foundation to learn 3D printing, and a machine that prints well, will keep you happy and not frustrated.

Right out the box, the machine was incredibly well put together. It took about 30 minutes of assembly and I was ready for my first test print. I started with the traffic cone, and it created a perfect print. After that, the machine didn't stop and I started with a companion cube.....it came out amazing as well.

Every print since then has stuck perfectly to the build plate, the machine has worked flawlessly on a 29-hour print, and continues to print as I type this. I would recommend this printer to anyone and everyone!