Jonathan Warren


Fantastic 3d printer.

Setup out of the box was quick, I do recommend printing the rear feed tube holder off Thingiverse - as well as some spool holders to fit other filaments -

After dozens of prints I have yet to experience an issue. Excellent value for getting started with 3d printing!

Jeff potvin


470 hrs of printing so far not a bit of trouble !

Best printer for the money!

My first print was a 20 mm test cube it came out 19.98 x 20.00 x 19.97!!!

Super easy to set up !!



Hard to use.. had to download software from another maker.. poor instructions.. wish I had no purchased this and had paid extra for flash forge. Not with the money for a large paper weight.

Sophia Greene


Great Printer- Amazing 3D Printing Experience 

This is a great 3D printing appliance in all aspects including its cost, build quality, print quality, printing speed and much more. This Flashforge Printer truly is an excellent tradeoff for your old printer. It produces low noise while printing providing a calm environment while you’re working on your projects. I would definitely recommend this printer for all the 3D printing enthusiasts.

Ethan Taylor


Being a tech aficionado, I love to play around with new tools and am always up for trying the good ones. Before buying the Flashforge Creator Pro, I took a lot of time on comparing its specs and discussing them with my friends. I am really happy to have bought this one.

The build quality is amazing. It is totally compatible with the different software I work with. It provides great support with-mail as well. The tether-less printing and high resolution prints makes it one of the best 3D Printer. Highly recommended!