Wow. I love it. Great print quality, 3-point leveling is awesome, works great out of the box. My only gripe is that the filament spool rods are 30mm instead of 18mm, but there are plenty of places to download and print your own so you can use standard spools. Don't hesitate one bit - buy it.

Laura bao


In the beginning is really good but after a while, the print head is always blocked by filament



I love this printer. It is my second printer and I don't think there is a better printer for the money.

Also the customer support is great. Very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this printer.

Tim Reynolds


Purchased this printer and set it along side my ProJet 3510 (UV Polymer), 3DS Cube (FDM) brand, and ZPrinter (Poweder) 3D printer. I have to say that this printer outperforms the Cube printer hands-down and while not as precise as the ProJet 3510 (which costs over $80K), it has become my preferred printer. I've printed PLA, ABS, PVA, HIPS, Carbon Fiber, Rubber, and Wood filaments; all with success. But, to get anywhere near the best out of this printer, you absolutely have to get the Simplify3D software to go along with it.

This software allows the real control that allows this printer to shine. While, overall, the printer is not as turn-key as the ProJet, ZPrinter, or Cube, it is way more versatile and cheaper to operate. It seems to be built using basic components which will also make it simple to repair, if it breaks. So far, only have a few hundred hours on the printer, so I can't speak to the ultimate longevity, but I can say that I am very satisfied with the print quality and they construction for the cost.

I compared the prints from this printer to ones from a Fortus machine and while not as fine, they are definitely useable. I think the main thing is that this printer is not for a beginner or someone who just wants to hit the button and watch it print. It requires knowledge and research into materials and properties in order to get the most out of it. I don't print as a hobby, I do it to create prototypes of products for customers. This was definitely worth adding to my inventory of 3D printers.

Antony J. van Helden


I am beginner at 3D printing, but did a lot of reading prior, and searching for a reasonably priced printer and was also easy to use and reliable. I will say, you better be ready to tweak and learn before you can get good results, but this is probably true with any printer.

It took me multiple trys to get the first print to even stick to the bed, and ended up using glue sticks to get consistent prints. Later I figured out that during bed leveling, making the gap even smaller than I thought was advisable made it so I could even skip the glue stick most of the time. Most days, I usually have more trouble removing the print from the bed than getting it to stick in the first place. I chalk most of this up to being forced to use ABS instead of PLA from the beginning (the two included filament rolls where ABS, wasn't till later than I was able to order some PLA and play with it). The vast majority of my prints are in ABS, which most people seem to have trouble with. The other thing I did early on, was toss the included software, and purchase Simplfy 3D, while not perfect, much better (for me) than the included software.

Overall I think it a good capable printer for those with the patience to learn the printer and about 3D printing in general.

My other small nitpicks:

The metal case can be a bit sharp, with prints that stick to the bed hard, I have frequently have small cuts and scrapes from hitting the edges of the openings.

The buttons can sometimes be a little unresponsive. Most of the time they work fine, but occasionally I have to hit a button a couple times to get the printer to recognize the button press.

Some other good points:

Heated bed and temp capable, I have printer ABS, PLA, HIPS, PETT, PETG just to start, and I am expanding my list of filaments.

Dual extruder. Had a friend tell me I didn't need it, waste of time. And most of the time he was right, but those times I do use it, very nice to have.