Dennis E. Brookes


A dual extruder machine which arrived on time and all the parts were there. I assembled the printer with the help of the manual which came along and I also took help of some online videos. The printer quality is good and the extruders work really well. The only issue which I face with this printer is that at times some of its parts gets jammed while I am taking out continuous print outs. I have to stop my work at that time and fix it again. I wish I get a permanent solution for this problem as otherwise I have no other issue with the printer.

Keith S. McAlister


I spend at least 6 days in comparing the specifications of various 3D printers online and saw many reviews too and finally decided to buy this one. I am satisfied with my purchase. Initially I got upset because the printer arrived 10 days after the expected date but when I received it I was happy to see the printer with complete assembling kit. The best feature of this 3D printer is that it is compatible with any printing software and this feature does not limit my work and work of my employees.



I purchased a Flashforge Creator Pro in July 2014. This machine can print very detailed prints. I would like to mention that the service response and resolution was among the best I have ever had. I had a issue with the motherboard on the machine and Mr. Tang responded back to my email within 30 minutes. I explained the problem to Mr. Tang and he had a new board air freighted to my house within three business days at no charge to the customer. I was very happy with his response and action taken. I would recommend this printer to anyone looking for a well priced machine with great service.

Walker V. Berge


I ordered this printer only because of its special feature that is dual extruder. Although other parts and functions of this printer are also very impressive but I am very amazed with dual extruder. With this feature I am easily able to printer a different color print without any need to pause the print or swapping next filament. This saves a lot of my time and I am able to take maximum high quality prints in very less time. Highly recommended! A great printer!

Nick Chwalek


Highly recommended for the price. This printer is my 2nd attempt at 3d printing and so far it has been nothing but bliss. The only real calibration that was required was leveling the bed. After this it has printed fine and with a very low failure rate, most of which I can attribute to either a design flaw in the STL file or user error on my part in slicing the model.

I would highly recommend after getting this to go to thingiverse and look at the upgrades that you can print and do some of them. They are minor things but they really help the print quality I feel and also its a good way to "cut your teeth" on this new printer. The tech support is a lot better than I expected. I emailed them about an assembly issue at midnight EST and had a reply by the morning on how to resolve the issue. The only down side I have to say about this printer is the spool holders.

They are a lot bigger diameter than some of the 3rd party filament spools that you can order. This means that they won't fit onto the holder. My solution here was to print off a smaller spool holder that would fit everything I had and it seems to work well so far. Minor issue but just something to be aware of if you order filament with this printer.