Walker V. Berge


I ordered this printer only because of its special feature that is dual extruder. Although other parts and functions of this printer are also very impressive but I am very amazed with dual extruder. With this feature I am easily able to printer a different color print without any need to pause the print or swapping next filament. This saves a lot of my time and I am able to take maximum high quality prints in very less time. Highly recommended! A great printer!

Nick Chwalek


Highly recommended for the price. This printer is my 2nd attempt at 3d printing and so far it has been nothing but bliss. The only real calibration that was required was leveling the bed. After this it has printed fine and with a very low failure rate, most of which I can attribute to either a design flaw in the STL file or user error on my part in slicing the model.

I would highly recommend after getting this to go to thingiverse and look at the upgrades that you can print and do some of them. They are minor things but they really help the print quality I feel and also its a good way to "cut your teeth" on this new printer. The tech support is a lot better than I expected. I emailed them about an assembly issue at midnight EST and had a reply by the morning on how to resolve the issue. The only down side I have to say about this printer is the spool holders.

They are a lot bigger diameter than some of the 3rd party filament spools that you can order. This means that they won't fit onto the holder. My solution here was to print off a smaller spool holder that would fit everything I had and it seems to work well so far. Minor issue but just something to be aware of if you order filament with this printer.

Ruth R. Harrison


The printer is good for its price and arrived on time too. I started assembling the printer which consumed a lot of time because I am not an expert in handling 3D printer. It took me a lot of time to understand the procedure and how to fix various parts. I faced minor issues like assembling the second extruder was a challenge. Some of the parts also get jammed while I was taking the print outs. The printer quality is also an average one. I will recommend this printer to you if you are a professional.

Greg Granville


Well built, rigid, smooth linear slides, and extruders that work very well.

You can print just about any filament you like. I've made my own spool holders patterned after the originals that are a precise fit for Hatchbox and Taulman filaments. Contrast this with the FF Dreamer, which is more of a closed machine and will not accept generic filament spools because they must fit into a very tight space inside the machine. Even worse is the 5th gen Makerbots which not only use a very odd, skinny spool, but they have an extruder that is highly prone to jamming and can only print PLA when it prints at all.

With the the Creator Pro, I've printed ABS, PLA, various Taulman Nylons, T-Glase, and other specialty filaments from Taulman with zero problems.

My only minor complains on the Creator Pro are the lack of a printed manual (it's on the SD card), and missing screws to assemble the acrylic pyramid cover.

The second extruder is a nice feature, but quite frankly it gets in the way more often that it's needed. I removed the nozzle from my left hand hotend because it has a slight tendency to drag on medium to large prints. I only reinstall the nozzle when I want to do dual extrusion (which isn't often)

Print quality is outstanding - especially when you consider all the extra weight the machine has to deal with to throw around two extruder motors.

By all accounts the support via Mr. Tang is excellent (although I've never used it). If you are willing to completely forgo any support, you can actually get this machine under the Powerspec 3D Pro label for about $400 less. (although it is rumored to have a weaker power supply)

There is one ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to purchase along with this printer - good software. The enclosed Replicator-G software is a tired old dinosaur that should be put out of its misery. Install the USB driver from the SD card and stop there!

Immediately go online and purchase the software "Simplify3D" at simplify3d.com

I can not overemphasize the importance of this! It is $150, but well worth it. Doing this will save you untold hours of misery and frustration which will end with you going out and buying Simplify3D eventually anyway.



Excellent printer that really outperformed my expectations. I read everything I could for 6 months before taking the plunge. As a first time buyer of a 3d printer I was nervous about how easy it would be to get started, and I really didn't know what I didn't know. My research led me to either the Lulzbot mini (made 20 miles away from me in Colorado) or the Flashforge Creator Pro (made in China). I am technical, so I finally decided on the Flashforge unit as it was 1) cheaper, 2) had dual extruders, 3) had a larger print volume, 4) had a lot of positive reviews, and 5) had a wealth of user groups and online videos explaining how to use it and enhance it. The Lulzbot mini however has auto-level of the print bed (a big deal) and reviews indicated it was ready to print out of the box.

I have zero regrets regarding the Flashforge printer. Within an hour of opening the box (due to me being meticulous and careful) I was printing in both ABS and PLA successfully. One note is that I did purchase and install the Makersome glass/PET bed for the Falshforge Creator Pro. I have had very few failed prints, and those I did have were all user error. I highly recommend this printer. I like it so much I am buying another to donate to my kid's high school for their 3d printer club.

Regarding the Flashforge customer support (Mr Tang):

Wow! I have to say that Flashforge has best customer support I have ever experienced. Being a newbie to 3D printing, and wanting the latest updates from Flashforge, I had a lot of concerns and questions. Tang was not only responsive (quick responses), the responses were detailed and accompanied by images and great descriptions. Tang was able to ship me the Active Cooling components (at no cost, and 2 day express from China) and show me how to get it installed rather than return my unit to Flashforge and try to get a current model.

Bottom Line:

Excellent 3D printer, Excellent support from Flashforge (Tang), and I highly recommend this 3d printer!