Marc Vinall


A few start up issues, but playing with settings for an hour or two solved them.



My son is having a lot of issues with it just after a few months of use and he is an engineer.

Stephen Kawamae


Adobe 123D free and I purchased Simplify 3D. Works great for my applications. The free shipping to Hawaii was a big help.

David Yingling


This printer is awesome. Highly recommended. Requires minor assembly during shipping and if you google bed leveling for Solid doodle there is a great and easy way to level the bed. The blue stickers that are included are nice and provide decent adhesion. I still swipe just a thin layer of glue onto it for large prints.

Resolution is amazing. I run 3 different printer and this is by far the best. 1 micron setting at 70-80ms and prints have very minimum artifacts.

The software recommended is difficult to use and I dont feel it slices very well. A file that would slice on Slic3r in 3 minutes takes 2-4 hrs using theres. I purchased Simplify 3D and it works much better.

The printer it self is very rigid, quality parts/motors/heaters were used. Printer is half the noise level as my other ones.

Support - Mr. Tang is awesome. Had very minor setup questions and a few more technical. Tang has ALWAYS responded to my emails within 24 hrs with a good solution, not just a guess like one of my other printers support contacts.

Once they release a large scale version that will be added to my collection too.

Susanne Zeitler


We have been using this for about 5 months now and this printer works great! The print quality is very good and strong. It came with two big rolls of ABS, one white and one red. We save the sliced files on a sd card from one computer then plug the sd card into the printer and print from that. It is kinda loud with the fans and the servo motors make noise when they are printing. We put the printer in a cabinet made for old huge television sets. We close the doors on the cabinet and this cuts down on the noise big time. Sometimes the prints stick to the platform. Heating up the platform makes it easier to remove. Overall we are very pleased with this printer.