Ethan Taylor


Being a tech aficionado, I love to play around with new tools and am always up for trying the good ones. Before buying the Flashforge Creator Pro, I took a lot of time on comparing its specs and discussing them with my friends. I am really happy to have bought this one.

The build quality is amazing. It is totally compatible with the different software I work with. It provides great support with-mail as well. The tether-less printing and high resolution prints makes it one of the best 3D Printer. Highly recommended! 



This is my first printer. Mine came with 2 spools of ABS, which I'm told is harder to print than PLA. The printer has enough features (heated bed, enclosed sides/top, etc) that I'm able to get some good quality prints without too much headache. It comes with a card with QR codes to scan to see videos for leveling the build plate. However, those QR codes either don't work or link to videos that have been deleted. I had to resort to youtube and search for instructions for this.

I'm not sure what I expected, but volume-wise, it's about as noisy as a traditional deskjet/inkjet printer. And printing ABS smells like a burning barbie doll. I moved the printer out to the laundry room and built a hood vent system over it to exhaust the ABS smell outside.

Attaching photos of some of the stuff I'm printing my first weekend with it. I designed this case and printed it as you see it. The holes did not require any support material. The Creator Pro printer is able to bridge the gaps like a champ.

Samuel Jones


The Creator Pro 3D Printer is a decent purchase for its price. On receiving the printer, I initially had some issues with the leveling and setting adjustments, but I got them solved by contacting the customer service. 

Pros: This 3D Printer takes points for its tough metal casting and transparent acrylic front door. Its dual extruder does not let you get bored with the printing experience. It is adaptable to the proprietary filaments so you could try different combinations of filament colors and materials. It prints at a good speed and gives a good resolution.  

Cons: The Creator Pro is not Out of box printer. I had to go through the installation guide thrice to understand the basic installation and changing the voltage settings. It requires constant adjusting.

You could go for buying this one; it is indeed a good printer. Just get ready to struggle a bit with the settings. 

Vicki L. Jessee


Simple assembly, large build platform, user friendly software and even though we had a problem with an extruder nozzle we had excellent tech support with step by step photos.

Brian A. Rike


I think we got a lemon- It was constantly getting jammed, getting "off"

We were able to print a couple of things but it seemed like 1 out of 7 worked- most did not.