James J. Acevedo


I know nothing about 3D printers and I ordered this printer because I came to know that it is a fully assembled machine. So I thought that the printer will work straight out of box and I will not have to spend a lot of time while assembling. Yes, the printer came as fully assembled machine but still I faced various problems while assembling it. I printed on PLA which was a huge disappointed as the prints were of really poor quality and not even close to being exact. Even the slid-in build plate gets jammed in between the printing process and leads to a huge mess. I am disappointed with my purchase.

Steven Lyon


Loved its compact and clean design! I even liked the print quality. Flashforge even instructs you to tighten or loosen a print bed support screw. Compact and clean-size, this printer is perfect for my school.

The only thing is that I can’t make Lego bricks from PLA. Somehow, they are not that strong and solid. I will replace this model with Flashforge Creator Pro. Thanks to their 14 day return policy!


Trongdung Nguyen


Great Machine! Very nice built printer!!

I love the plastic cover design. Definitely a reliable 3D printer as it delivers excellent performance (I’ve been using this printer for 2 months now!). AND the support was EXCELLENT. Each time I've contacted Flashforge with a problem or question, they have responded in a timely and informative way.

In fact, last week there was a problem with my glass plate. So I called them up. In no time, they reverted back and within 3 days, replaced the defective plate. Thanks to the 3 months return policy!

I highly recommend Flashforge and its products to anyone interested in getting into 3D printing.  For beginners, it is a must-have!

Rohan Hodges


The Slide-in build plate gets jammed every other day due to warping. The PLA doesn’t stick on the surface. Currently I'm using TESA masking tape over glass bed. It provides more grip that I really need for printing PLA. The build-up volume is also small. I am not at all satisfied with Flashforge.

3-Average-Stars from my side!

Alain Frenois


Completely new to 3d printing and very impressed. 11 year old tech savvy boy hooked it up and printing things from thingiverse right away. Amazing. Pretty much plug and play. It tells you exactly what you need to do.