As I am completely new to 3D printing so I ordered this printer because I read online that it is a fully assembled machine. I thought assembling can be the only problem which I will face with the printer but I was wrong. Initially the printer was delivering good results but after few days the slide-in build plate started showing some issues. I tried to fix it many times but at the end had to call the customer care to replace it. They delivered the replaced placed after 10 days and I was very disappointed.

Bryan K. Swim


I ordered this printer for my college project and it arrived so late but thankfully before the deadline. As the printer is a fully assembled machine so I did not had to spend even a minute to assemble it. I started with my project the minute it arrived. Although I faced minor technical issues with the printer but I am so impressed with the customer support. They solved all my queries within minutes and constantly replied top my problems. I was able to get good quality prints and successfully delivered my college project on time and scored well too.

Eileen J. Todd


The printer is an updated one with all the latest features which allows easy printing and handling. The high quality printer features dual extrusion technology which helps in delivering outstanding and impressive results to you. For easier calibration the printer also offers intelligent assisted leveling system which makes my work much easier. The best feature of this printer according to me is it is quite to use and its noise level is as low as 50dB which does not cause any disturbance to my family members. I would definitely recommend this printer to everyone.

James J. Acevedo


I know nothing about 3D printers and I ordered this printer because I came to know that it is a fully assembled machine. So I thought that the printer will work straight out of box and I will not have to spend a lot of time while assembling. Yes, the printer came as fully assembled machine but still I faced various problems while assembling it. I printed on PLA which was a huge disappointed as the prints were of really poor quality and not even close to being exact. Even the slid-in build plate gets jammed in between the printing process and leads to a huge mess. I am disappointed with my purchase.

Steven Lyon


Loved its compact and clean design! I even liked the print quality. Flashforge even instructs you to tighten or loosen a print bed support screw. Compact and clean-size, this printer is perfect for my school.

The only thing is that I can’t make Lego bricks from PLA. Somehow, they are not that strong and solid. I will replace this model with Flashforge Creator Pro. Thanks to their 14 day return policy!