I received mine yesterday and wow! Right out the box I printed the rook piece on the included SD card and it was perfect. The detail is incredible.

I'm on my fourth print now with no problems whatsoever. This is a great unit for those who want minimal tinkering. I can just grab a model from thingiverse and load it up in the z suite software and send it to the printer with no fussing.

Shipping was fast. I have not yet had to deal with customer service so I can't speak to that.



I'm really happy with my Zortrax, it was a bit of an economical effort but worth every penny, especially for print quality. I am no engineer and this was my first printer ever, but I felt (and still feel) completely guided and supported by Zortrax staff and community. The software is well designed and easy to use, just like the printer itself, and the native filaments work beautifully. I have had some minor and infrequent issues with filament clogging inside the extruder and platform loosing callibration, but nothing they don't tell you how to solve really. I do miss more filament variety and lower prices in general, but otherwise I would recommend the Zortrax M200 to anyone

Matt R


Easy to use, easy to setup, great quality: The Zortrax M200 is a high quality 3D printer.



This printer is great to start with 3D printing, because you don't need to be experienced. You just plug and print because there are fixed profiles for the different Zortrax materials. So you don't need to try and error, what reduces the costs and time consumption. Unfortunately this means to be restricted to the Zortrax materials. When you get more experienced and the printer runs out of warranty, you can purchase the z-temp modification and break the restrictions which are set with the material profiles. Then the printer is able to print nearly every filament (except of ninjaflex) in a great quality. I would recommend this printer to everybody who wants to produce professional parts in great quality without many tryouts



This was my first 3D printer and I'm very satisfied at the ease and reliability of printing.

If I could I would give it closer to 4.5 stars for a few improvements they could make. Their printing software is a bit rudimentary but it does get the job done. The plate leveling can take FOREVER.

The spring quality of the screws that level the plate don't allow for easy and refined adjustments so a lot of time the calibration process is a constant battle of the machine telling you the plate is too low or too high. It takes about 30 minutes to calibrate but you really only have to do it every once in a while if the machine doesn't move too much.

The resulting prints look very good. Excellent resolution for this price range. The Zortrax filament is relatively inexpensive. The overall marketing/support for this machine is great especially for a startup type of business. Zortrax will definitely be a force in the hobbyist 3D print world for some time to come.