Good looking printer!!!

The printer delivers decent prints with Pla but I’ve had some issues with ABS as they tend to wrap, but I think its me who does not know how to use it rather than being a fault with the printer. Remember that you have to be very lucky to have successful print out of the box - successful prints come after tweaking. I am very impressed with the kit.

James Lantz


The Printer is good but too difficult to assemble and work with, the user manual is not very helpful. I had to take a lot of support from the customer support team and they helped me a lot.

The printer works as said once it’s up and running and got some cool prints at 50 microns.

Ethan Thierry


I am quite satisfied as a customer with this 3D printer. It can print almost every material including ABS, PLA, wood, HIPS and PVA. The prints supplied are also very good, precise and of accurate thickness. I am also impressed by its build area as it ensures that prints are delivered at good speed without any power supply issues.  

I have been in prototyping business from past 5 years and I have used a lot of 3D printers till date. This is one of the best that I have used till now.  

Stanly Johnson


Got his Makerbot clone as my old printer died, but believe me this one has been far better than the much more expensive older machine.

We got the experience of using the 3d printer from our makerbot and the number of times I opened the machine gave me confidence that I could assemble this one.

This a superb kit and Laser cut Frame gives it the much needed dexterity. The printer also works as a standalone machine because of the SD Card Support. The belts and the Pulleys are better quality than my previous printer.

The Dual Extruder works great with both ABS as well as PLA filaments, I have also tried some fused filaments and the prints i got were amazing.

Franck Justin


I was quite apprehensive to buy a 3D printer as I had no experience with 3D printing before. My current college project required a 3D printer and after taking advice from my seniors, I finally bought Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit. The printer came in a good packaging.

It was not easy to assemble it and took me some time to finally get it started. Although the printing speed was slow, the prints delivered were quite satisfactory. The LCD screen showed proper and clear instruction. A fairly good 3D printing kit!