Daniel Beatty


This is my second printer, my fist being a prusa i3. So I was aware of what I was buying before making the purchase decision.

The closed enclosure and the makerbot like design inspired me to try my luck with this printer, I could have purchased other fully assembled models but as I knew how to fix the parts together I was confident that I would be able to make the printer work.

The kit comes with everything needed to make the printer; I purchase the one with single nozzle as a dual nozzle head reduces the printer’s bed size.

The real difference between this and my earlier printer is the high grade GT2 Belts and the high quality bearing that give higher stability to the printer and eventually give a finer printing quality. If you want a good printer you can’t go wrong with this one.

Clinton Vadval


I I was looking since long for this 3d printer. I spent a lot of time researching all the various printers. I purchased this printer and was delivered quickly, I was unsure how to use a 3d Printer so i sent an email to customer support and instant I received an email from them with a manual and their contact information for support as well as links. Then I received a follow-up the day after to check if I was able to use the printer. Nice touch and impressive since most companies make you chase them down for support these days. All the queries were reverted quick if I had.

It took me about an hour to set things up and start my first print though they helped me with the instructions. No tools were required . I have already been able to move past canned designs and print some of my own. Overall, I am very impressed with this printer and the support I have got. If you are looking for a 3D printer this is currently the best value on the market in my view.



This is the awesome printing machine. I purchased this for my daughter for technical use, company already emailed easy to follow instructions to read over before we opened the box to ensure that we were well informed, and to enquire if things were going well for us.

My young daughter was able to get the printer up and running by herself. We only had one query for the customer support, regarding where to find an online video instruction, and he answered it quick. The resolution was quick I am very impressed with the quality of the prints . . . I had no idea how functional they would be! My daughter printed a whistle that actually has a ball inside, and it really works!!

This has really sparked creativity and a sense of accomplishment at the finished products. It has dual print heads so it can print in 2 colors. I did extensive research before buying this product because I was planning on buying a $500 printer.

I am so glad that I bought the right product and saved some money. It was well worth it for the minimal assembly, fabulous communication, and trouble free printing! You won't be disappointed!!this is the best I had ever got.

John Oliver


The printer is good but the only thing that concerns me is that the printer makes a lot of noise when operational.

Tried calling the customer services but they could not support me to my satisfaction.



Mine had missing the 5x8 Flexible Coupling so was impossible to assemble it. The instructions are bad, you need to know a bit to be able to assemble it. The quality in general is very good but as I said before, the instructions lack of any kind of sense for people starting with 3D printing were I think this is meant for.