A portable printer! It is so light that I do not face any difficulty while carrying it around from place to place. It was very easy to assemble and manual helped me to fix each part. The parts which were delivered along the printer are also of good quality. It is equipped with 50-micron layer resolution which provides high resolution print outs. It is a very advanced printer as it consists of open source software. I am going to buy the same printer for my son too.



I have ordered the printer because it is very cheap and consist of double extruder. It is impossible to get a printer with double extruder at such low price. I fixed the z-axis initially and after that I have never faced any issue with the filaments. The extruders work brilliantly and are made up of high quality material. The printer makes noise at times but that can be ignored as it provides good quality print outs. I would recommend it to everyone!



I am a professional and I already own a 3D printer. The build-up of this printer is very huge and recently I printed bigger models and the results were very impressive. The printer works well on all the filaments but it prints the best when I print on PLA. Recently I have observed that the printer’s speed get bit slow when I print for longer period of time. I am not able to take expected print outs and even the final delivery gets delayed.



Folger Cloner is the one of the best 3D printers that I have worked upon. The features of this printer are worth praising. I am amazed with it’s out of the box functioning. Printing in PLA is exceptional. Truly impressive! The prints are precise and resolution is mind-blowing. The good part is that it does not take a lot of time. I purchased the black melamine frame and can tell you with my experience that this one is sturdy and packed with all the great features that a good printer possesses. Kudos to their customer service as well! 5-stars for this super-package!



The printer is just worth the penny! It is such a great kit, the build-up is huge! I purchased this printer and absolutely love it. The best thing is this printer can print with dual extruders. No filament problems so far although I regularly adjust the z-axis for layering purpose. People who are the beginners in 3D world can go for raft.