Lee K'ung


I bought this printer a month ago. I was totally new to 3D printing before. Initially, it was difficult to process. The manual was not that comprehended and précised to project the device for the 3D printing. The speed of printing was also quite unsatisfactory but that compensates with its high-quality print outcomes. Overall, it is fairly a nice printer!

Linda Alston


The Foldger Tech Cloner is itself proving by its name and delivers the exactly same clone of the original object. I love working on it with FDM technology that enhances the print quality and productivity. I got free timely shipping that is for USA resident bonus! I am so happy to become a customer of this store as they provide reliable products and services what they display at their online store.

Emily Vaughn


Good bang for the buck!

Truly an amazing device that to recommend everyone!


Donglu Meng


I love Folger Tech Cloner!! It is all in one deal for me!

It came in nice packaging

 Easy to assemble. Hardly took me 2 hours!!

Gives superfine prints both in ABS and PLA

Printing speed is creditable

Great Looks

Lucinda B. Maggi


After lots of R&D, I purchased this printer and absolutely it. I was a beginner back then so i had asked for customer support. They immediately sent me lots of online links and called me personally for guidance.

Overall, I am impressed with this printer.

4 stars from my side!