Frances T. Mayer on 10/05/2016
41 reviews
As I am a student who is studying architect and a lot of my college projects need 3d printing so after going through a lot of printers online I ordered this one. The printer arrived 20 days after the expected date! I am also not happy with the printing speed as its too slow and taking a single printout only consumes a lot of my time. I also faced lots of technical problems initially but they got solved with the help of customer care support.
Harry Luis on 05/05/2016
41 reviews

I will say Folger Tech Cloner is an average 3D printer.  I liked its upgraded open source design kit, 2004 LCD and an additional SD card flexibility. The DIY 3D printer kit is user friendly and I was able to assemble it easily within short duration. Its print quality is sharp and clear.

But thing that bothered me was low printing speed and some technical issues due to which I have continuously push customer support.

It is a great option for student, beginner and one who are new to 3D printing technology!

Lena Haydon on 02/05/2016
41 reviews

I bought this 3D printer because one of my college projects required lots of prints in quick time. I was quite apprehensive.

I searched for reviews on the internet and also got advice from some friends. Finally bought the Folger Tech Cloner. Overall am happy. It seems like a good investment. Just one thing…sometimes the prints delivered are not that precise.

Printing speed is fine but for someone like me who is literally afraid of anything technical the manual seems challenging. I also liked its LCD screen and additional SD card port.  

Mathew Harris on 23/04/2016
41 reviews

For a professional this 3D printing kit is just about perfect. I really liked the packaging. It was very easy to open the kit and assemble the unit. The instructions mentioned on the box are easy to follow. If you have set-up printers before you will realize the ease of doing things that this printing kit delivers.

Prints are sharp with good printing speed. The LCD screen also works well and shows exactly what is happening. This 3D printing kit was worth the sticker price. Must-have for any office setup.

Perry J. Lane on 15/04/2016
41 reviews

Overheating Issues!

No matter what I am printing, the exteriors of my models are not as précised as they should be and doesn’t retain the shape. My friend is a Visual Designer. He told me that the plastic is not being cooled fast enough.

I have tried lowering the print temperature by 5-10 degrees, but nothing helped.

I am worried too much of changes might damage the nozzle permanently. Currently, I am using small handheld fan to cool down the layers faster. Soon I will install an aftermarket fan!