I am a professional and I already own a 3D printer. The build-up of this printer is very huge and recently I printed bigger models and the results were very impressive. The printer works well on all the filaments but it prints the best when I print on PLA. Recently I have observed that the printer’s speed get bit slow when I print for longer period of time. I am not able to take expected print outs and even the final delivery gets delayed.



Folger Cloner is the one of the best 3D printers that I have worked upon. The features of this printer are worth praising. I am amazed with it’s out of the box functioning. Printing in PLA is exceptional. Truly impressive! The prints are precise and resolution is mind-blowing. The good part is that it does not take a lot of time. I purchased the black melamine frame and can tell you with my experience that this one is sturdy and packed with all the great features that a good printer possesses. Kudos to their customer service as well! 5-stars for this super-package!



The printer is just worth the penny! It is such a great kit, the build-up is huge! I purchased this printer and absolutely love it. The best thing is this printer can print with dual extruders. No filament problems so far although I regularly adjust the z-axis for layering purpose. People who are the beginners in 3D world can go for raft.



I am a professional in 3D printing. The Folger Tech Cloner is value for money. I received this DIY kit in a secure packaging. Assembling it was not that difficult a task. However, it involved a little bit of tinkering. I have been using it to print PLA, and PVA. Its LCD screen works efficiently. My only concern is with the noise issue. But, at such a sticker price, the issue can be simply ignored. 3-stars for its performance so far!



Excellent quality printer at very reasonable prices! I love this printer and I work on it every day. It is very sturdy as it’s been 10 months with the printer and I have not faced a single issue. The printer works equally well every time I take a printout and never disappoints me. The 50-micron layer resolution of the printer offers high resolution prints looks outstanding. The open-source software is the best feature which makes the printer an advanced machine. recommended!