Jenna on 14/04/2016
41 reviews

It took me only 2 hours to assemble the entire kit and within few minutes I was getting great 3D prints. Folger Tech Cloner - Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit contains almost everything that you need to assemble.

No power supplies issues surfaced while assembling it and the functioning was also very smooth.

I wanted to specifically print wood and ABS material and was quite apprehensive about the shape and quality of prints. I was happy to have the exact replica of what I wanted that too at a good printing speed.

Great 3D printing kit!!

Norah harrison on 05/04/2016
41 reviews

An impressive built area of (230x150x120)mm, incredible layer resolution of 50 microns and printing speed of 60 to 160mm/s, this one 3D printer has it all that I was expecting from a 3D printing machine.

Folger Tech Cloner 3D Printer Kit is a performance driven 3D printer that can print ABS, PLA, Wood, HIPS and PVA. The prints delivered are quite satisfactory.

As a beginner I am quite impressed with this 3D print assembly kit, as it is not too complicated to work with. It also facilitates offline printing via SD card, already embedded in it.  

Emily Jackson on 16/03/2016
41 reviews

If you are a beginner or a student and looking forward to use a 3D printing technology in one of your projects, I would suggest Folger Tech Cloner 3D Printer Kit, as a fair choice. It is pretty easy to set up and use. However, this 3D printer delivers a speed of 60 to 160 mm/sec, which is not very great.

If you are a professional, you might be disappointed with its slow speed. The prints delivered also lack precision. But this 3D printer comes at an affordable market price. There is also an SD card available for standalone printing

Ray on 07/03/2016
41 reviews

fast delivery within 4 days I received the kit, and The printer assembly is pretty strait forward, and with little tinkering I could get the printer working in less than 6 hours. Bed calibration took another couple of ours and I was able to print the test print files and from the 3rd print I got good results.

Owen on 28/02/2016
41 reviews

Good looking printer!!!

The printer delivers decent prints with Pla but I’ve had some issues with ABS as they tend to wrap, but I think its me who does not know how to use it rather than being a fault with the printer. Remember that you have to be very lucky to have successful print out of the box - successful prints come after tweaking. I am very impressed with the kit.