I ordered the printer for my son’s project and he is very happy with it. The best part about this printer is its good printing build area which allows him to print larger objects with ease. He told me that the larger objects are as precise as the smaller objects and there is no compromise in their quality. He enjoys printing on this printer but at times he feels that the printer gets bit slow and he is able to take little less than the expected print outs.



One of my friends recommended the printer to me. I don’t know much about 3D printers and this machine is so difficult to assemble and handle. I got stuck at every place The instructions are not clear, When I started printing I realized that the printer makes a lot of noise and I am not able to print at home as the noise disturbs my kids. I print only in office and that also in my cabin.

Lee K'ung


I bought this printer a month ago. I was totally new to 3D printing before. Initially, it was difficult to process. The manual was not that comprehended and précised to project the device for the 3D printing. The speed of printing was also quite unsatisfactory but that compensates with its high-quality print outcomes. Overall, it is fairly a nice printer!

Linda Alston


The Foldger Tech Cloner is itself proving by its name and delivers the exactly same clone of the original object. I love working on it with FDM technology that enhances the print quality and productivity. I got free timely shipping that is for USA resident bonus! I am so happy to become a customer of this store as they provide reliable products and services what they display at their online store.

Emily Vaughn


Good bang for the buck!

Truly an amazing device that to recommend everyone!