Donglu Meng


I love Folger Tech Cloner!! It is all in one deal for me!

It came in nice packaging

 Easy to assemble. Hardly took me 2 hours!!

Gives superfine prints both in ABS and PLA

Printing speed is creditable

Great Looks

Lucinda B. Maggi


After lots of R&D, I purchased this printer and absolutely it. I was a beginner back then so i had asked for customer support. They immediately sent me lots of online links and called me personally for guidance.

Overall, I am impressed with this printer.

4 stars from my side!

Thelma A. Mays


If you are a 3D printer professional then this printer is going to work for you. It arrived on time and assembling part was also easy as I read all the instructions clearly and managed everything on my own within few hours. This amazing printer offers excellent printing speed along with a layer resolution of 50 microns.

I am able to deliver more than expected from my clients now and some of my clients have also doubled their order. I am so happy to have this printer. Highly recommended!

James H. Burns


I am a professional in making phone cases and with so much of variety available in the market we have started making phone covers using the latest 3D technologies.

I already own one 3D printer and this is my second one and definitely the most advanced and the most amazing one. Its printing speed is so good that my workers can now make so many phone cases in a day. I am planning to buy one more 3D printer so that I can double my business and sale.

This 3D printer is really beneficial to me and now I am looking forward to the other one too which I am going to order soon.

Jacob Mathew


I like It!

For a professional, the Folger Tech Cloner is a great investment. The Folger printer can be used in any office setup. I received this DIY kit in a secure packaging and was able to assemble it quickly with the provided instruction manual. I admire the high color retention print quality of this 3D printer.

I basically use it to print Wood, and PVA. Its LCD screen works efficiently and thank God I can see what’s happening. This is worthy product at such a sticker price!