Daniel Gomz


Don’t get this if you have never played Lego !!

This is the most complex thing ever I built, what were these guys thinking ? how could a normal person be able to make such a complex machine just by reading instructions (which were not helpful) and seeing some images. This thing is world then the most complex ikea furniture you ever buy.

I had to return mine as I gave up on assembling half way through the process. Mind you I had already taken more than 5 days to reach there.

Jeremy Richard


The printer works well ! I had some issues with the printer within the first few weeks as it started making horrible grinding noise and one of the belts broke and still waiting for my replacment parts

But I could able to print in HIPS, ABS, PLA, T-Glass, Laywood, and Nylon by either by reading up on the filaments or using tips and tricks from online forums and support groups.

The abs prints warped a bit but then someone asked me to install another fan near the nozzle to cool the prints quickly, which really helped.

Jacob smith


I was working on a major project in my company that required 3D printing. As an amateur, I was quite apprehensive. I wanted to buy a 3D printer, which is not too complicated to understand but provides excellent prints with brilliant speed at the same time.

Its amazing layer resolution and approximately quick printing speed, made it so easy for me to turn my project into a success. It comes at an affordable market price and works offline too. 

Whether you are a beginner, professional, student or amateur in the field of 3D printing, I have only three words for Folger Tech Cloner 3D Printer Kit. Perfect 3D Printer!!!

Enrico Zanotti


Just received this kit for my Computer Aided Design (CAD) classroom. This is our 4th printers all the others being complete assembled printers. We ordered this so that we could understand how a printer works.

The kit has everything required to build a printer along with some basic tools, our team needed around 8 hours to get the printer ready. I guess the time was too long but the team understood how each thing works while building the printer.

The printer now proudly sits along with some expensive – very expensive printers and works on par with them, if not better.

Jeremy Frandsen


This is a very affordable 3d printer Kit that can show very good results. The printer comes with a melamine exteriors and the printer makes very less noise and caused less friction.

The heated bed allows for warp free ABS printing even for large pieces. The printer does not have an auto calibration feature so you will have to fine tune the setting before getting decent prints with the printer. I would warn people that it takes time to get the settings correct.

The printer works with Makerbot software which is really cool as it saves a lot of efforts required on the in the box Cura software.