Jeremy Frandsen on 23/01/2016
41 reviews

This is a very affordable 3d printer Kit that can show very good results. The printer comes with a melamine exteriors and the printer makes very less noise and caused less friction.

The heated bed allows for warp free ABS printing even for large pieces. The printer does not have an auto calibration feature so you will have to fine tune the setting before getting decent prints with the printer. I would warn people that it takes time to get the settings correct.

The printer works with Makerbot software which is really cool as it saves a lot of efforts required on the in the box Cura software.

Daniel Beatty on 18/01/2016
41 reviews

This is my second printer, my fist being a prusa i3. So I was aware of what I was buying before making the purchase decision.

The closed enclosure and the makerbot like design inspired me to try my luck with this printer, I could have purchased other fully assembled models but as I knew how to fix the parts together I was confident that I would be able to make the printer work.

The kit comes with everything needed to make the printer; I purchase the one with single nozzle as a dual nozzle head reduces the printer’s bed size.

The real difference between this and my earlier printer is the high grade GT2 Belts and the high quality bearing that give higher stability to the printer and eventually give a finer printing quality. If you want a good printer you can’t go wrong with this one.

Tony Vear on 18/01/2016
41 reviews

Everything came inside a well-packed box, and I tried to follow the instructions to construct the printer and found many nuts and screws are missing to complete and I'm waiting to receive those missing items for two weeks now.

Instructions were good to assemble though, hopefully I will get in next couple of days

James Lantz on 14/01/2016
41 reviews

The Printer is good but too difficult to assemble and work with, the user manual is not very helpful. I had to take a lot of support from the customer support team and they helped me a lot.

The printer works as said once it’s up and running and got some cool prints at 50 microns.

Ethan Thierry on 07/01/2016
41 reviews

I am quite satisfied as a customer with this 3D printer. It can print almost every material including ABS, PLA, wood, HIPS and PVA. The prints supplied are also very good, precise and of accurate thickness. I am also impressed by its build area as it ensures that prints are delivered at good speed without any power supply issues.  

I have been in prototyping business from past 5 years and I have used a lot of 3D printers till date. This is one of the best that I have used till now.