I seriously enjoy working on this printer. It is worth my money. I love everything about the printer. It offers fast printing speed and high resolution which impresses my clients and some of them are extending the contract also. I can pause my work anytime if something urgent comes up and can resume whenever I want to. The build up volume is large and the printer also gets connected to Mac. It is a great quality printer and I do not regret buying it.

Frank T. Cooper


I would say it is an updated printer which is easy to assemble and use. It has a good build-up which lets me print any size object without any restrictions. The outcomes are amazing irrespective of what size or shape I print. I have issues with the printing speed as it gets decreased when I print for longer duration. And because of this I am not able to print expected models at time. But still I love the printer for its great quality and impressive results.



Low quality printer! I bought it sometime ago and since that day its quality has only decreased. I invested a lot of time in assembling it and then also I was not able to assemble it properly. I still face issues when I print and then again I will have to make some changes or fix some of its parts. Printing on both PVA and wood is the worst experience ever as it actually tests my patience. I have given up on this printer and I am not going to use it again.



I am very impressed with the overall quality of this printer. It is exactly what I am wanted. As usually I am over loaded with work so I perform various tasks at a time. If something urgent comes up I pause the printer and later continue the printing process whenever I wish to. The full metal construction of the printer makes it a durable machine and the big built size allows me to print any size object without any compromise on the quality and speed. Highly recommended!



The printer not only looks good but works well too. It is very economical and assembling it is also a very easy task. It just took me few hours to get the machine ready to print. I am able to change filament very easily unlike my other 3D printer. I face problem with extruder at times at it gets stuck and jam the printer. I have been trying to fix this problem and I hope it gets fixed soon. I love the printing quality of this machine and I am very impressed with the high resolution models too.