I ordered the printer 6 months ago and since then its quality has only decreased. It is a low quality printer and I have faced problems with it since the very first day. Assembling was tough and I struggled a lot to complete the process but my struggle continued at the time of taking print outs too. Printing on PVA and wood actually gave me a headache and I gave up. Even after so much efforts I was not able to get precise print outs. Not recommended to anyone!



I absolutely love working on Weistek! For a product engineer, it is very important to impress the clients with well-designed stereo-types! Luckily, I have found a 3D printer that works reasonably fine and gives highly-polished PLA prints. The speed of this printer is appreciable. I prefer using blue masking tape. Calibrating it hardly takes any time. Shipping and dispatching process was excellent! In short:



Over all I am really happy with this fully assembled Weistek. For the price I’ve paid, it has turned out to be a worthy printer. The build-up is fine and changing the filament is not that big a deal. The printing quality is up to the par. Since, I am a fashion designer and am mostly occupied with loads of work so working on this printer is an easy affair. I can pause the work as and when required. For people who are new to 3D world and looking for easy slicing software, check this out!

H. Pugh


This machine squeaks quite a bit! Weistek works fine with PLA but printing with wood and PVA is annoying! On my first attempt, I had problems with making the raft. The extruder always seems to get too close to the last extruded layer & gets stuck and jumps all over again. This causes problems while printing and the work is delayed. I will be glad if someone can help me adjust the feedrate of this fully assembled printer. So far an average printer!!

Keith Sanford


I think the printer only looks good, and has no functional attributes. I saw many reviews and videos and bought this printer, but I’m not fully satisfied with this one. It’s not what I was wishing for exactly. The only thing I like about this printer is the printing pause feature with easy filament change. I read that it’s hassle-free but I didn’t find it that at all. Its printing speed and the control option is good but I wish that the prints would have been a little better.