Diesel Engineer


This is not my first 3D printer and probably won't be my last but it will be the one I use for the foreseeable near future. I inboxes this thing and had it printing in no time. I'm not sure it is %300 faster than the competition, but it is a noticeable leap ahead. I will make this short and sweet,



Normally I would give this a 4 start but once you normalize against the competition and realize how far ahead this unit is, for now it will remain a 5 star.

Patricia Gray


This printer is a major disappointment for a few reasons. Before I even jump into my review, I want to say that the Amazon reviews and the message boards over at CelRobox seem hit-and-miss and you've got about a 50/50 shot at getting a model that works just fine.


Initial set up is pretty easy; just plug it in via USB & connect the power cable and you're set. There is some software to install on your computer before you get started and this is included on the USB thumb drive from the packaging or as a download from their website. Once this is installed and the printer connected, a pop-up for registration should happen. It did not for me. I continued forward.


There are a few test files that come with the printer, so we chose one - an espresso cup - and followed the directions for printing. We got the filament loading into the extruder head and the reel setup to go but then it would give the error 'no print head detected', prompting me to attach a print head. The printing head was clearly connected and I could not find instructions for resetting this or troubleshooting something like this.

I decided to eject the reel and start over. I probably didn't follow every single step all the way through. Load the filament back into the extruder and it takes, but this time when I try to attach the smart reel, it no longer recognizes this either.


The owners manual has little help on troubleshooting and goes over basic information, but isn't super helpful. Turning to the message boards finds little help from the company and lots of help by one or two folks in particular who just seem to be particularly skilled and helpful.

My next step is an email to customer service to see about the issues. At this point, I can't really say that I like this product, but that could change in the future. I'm in this for the long haul and will update the review as my journey continues with this.

For what it's worth, the errors were duplicated entirely on two different computers.



Had to return mine after first print attempt. The printer is stylish and has features which really attracted me (Self leveling plate & no tape or applicant for bed, self feeding extruder) but it just clogged up and then would not eject the filament during first print attempt. I researched a bit on the forums and it mentions that Robox early models had this issue and the manufacturer replaced the heads in later production models. My concern is Amazon has no way of telling me if I got old batch of upgraded model from them. I returned it which was a pain, repack and wait for confirmation of receipt prior to crediting account or replacing. I chose replacing to give Robox one more shot to get it right. I will repost review follow up once replacement u it arrives and I test it. Fingers crossed otherwise, will spend more and get ultimaker 2.

P. Hoppes


I've owned a CEL Robox now for a few weeks and I can unequivocally say that it is an outstanding 3D printer. Initial setup was quick and easy. The manual and software are easy to understand, the software installs fast, the machine automatically updates itself and starts right off. It prints quite well.

So far I've not printed anything that I've created from scratch but overall it works quite well. Has it been totally issue free? No, I had a few issues initially. Some were simply N00b issues on my part and a few were some setup issues that could be made a bit more clear on the part of CEL but there was nothing that was a deal killer and nothing that was not answered swiftly, completely by CEL support.

I'm fortunate that I happen to live in the same city where the tech for North America for CEL lives so my support was even faster in that I could visit the local tech to answer questions but there was really nothing that could not have been quickly handled via email or forum. The CEL forum is outstanding.

If you think getting ANY CNC machine, be it a 3D printer, Mill, Cutter, etc. is going to be a plug and play fire and forget experience then you are in for a rude awaking. That there are calibrations, maintenance and setup things that need to be done goes without saying.

CEL has excellent support and the product that I received and I now print with is a quality product. If you are considering purchasing a 3D printer and you are turned off by some of the 1 star reviews on this printer, take into consideration when those reviews were given. They are mostly early 2015. The issues with the initial release of this product, IMHO, have been resolved and what is shipping now is a quality product.



Easily the best 3D printer available. I have an Ultimaker2 (last years best) and a self build Prusa Steel and this Robox is both easier to use and more reliable than both of them. Consistently producing excellent prints even while I swap materials constantly to run my 3Dhubs business, this printer absolutely deserves it's top stop in the 3dhubs print quality comparison. Oh and the price! I could get 2 Robox or 1 of any of its competitors, actually, I think the orders I am getting for 3D prints is sufficient to pay for another one now.