I have had my Robox printer now for about two months and I can say that I LOVE IT!

This is a really easy to use printer and the models I make come out great. I like that Robox has an 800 number that I can call when I have questions. I called a few times when I first received the printer and they helped me with the entire setup. They were friendly and really helpful.

The software is easy to use and gives me a lot of options. I like that I can choose between printing in a draft mode or create something really high definition in a fine setting. The software allows me to decide how solid or hollow I want the model which really saves on filament. I have printed a lot of models and still have the filament the printer came with. Seems very efficient!

The print bed is heated which is important. I have heard that it is common for models not to stick with other printers. I had trouble in the beginning but the tech support guys walked me through a few calibrations and now everything sticks perfectly without tape on the print bed.

The printing area has a see through door that can close and lock so I can keep the kids away from the hot parts while still watching it print.

I would recommend this printer to anyone who is looking for a high quality 3D printer that is easy to use and prints well




So I have had my Robox for a week now. I can say I'm very impressed.

I have to admit I bought it on amazon just to have the option of returning it, since I read mixed reviews, and in general there is still not much real world info on this printer out there.

The intention of this review is to be as objective as possible, but to be honest I'm already in love and printing like a kid with a new toy.

After using it EXTENSIVELY this week I can tell you that the SW and FW upgrades on the last few months have done their job.

The printer just works.

I've used other printers before, (stratasys profesional, makerbot, printrbot, etc...), but this is the first one I own. I wanted something fast for fun, yet precise enough to prototype my engineering work. I did not want to fidget with it too much, and I wanted to be able to teach my wife to use it, without having to earn an engineering degree.

I got everything I wanted.

I have done side by side comparisons on THE SAME MODEL printed on Form 1, Makerbot, and Robox. Of course the laser Form 1 does not present evidence of layering, but the actual dimensional accuracy of the parts was tighter on the Robox on both the Normal and Fine settings.

The layer quality is better on the Robox than any other printer I've used. If you print on fine you can barely see it's there.

Be aware that Draft is just that... Quality is decent, but it does sacrifice a lot of detail. That being said, I use this mode the most. It is super fast and usually good enough. Then, if all is well, I do the print on the desired quality.

Again, quite impressed. Kudos to CEL.

I definitely recommend buying this printer.

Oh, and by the way, robyneil's review here on amazon of this item is a MUST READ, it'll save you a lot of worrying. Follow that, and like me, you will have absolutely no issues.



I purchased the Robox 3D Printer to help my daughter complete her design projects at High School. It's a dream - it works straight out of the box. Set up is super quick, plug in to your PC, download the software and off you go.

She has been using a website called Tinkercad, it gives her the freedom to use her imagination and then print out the finished product as a 3D model. She's over the moon.

It comes with its own designs on a memory stick, you can browse the directory and find something to print easy as that!

She's currently bugging me for the Dual material head for Christmas, apparently Robox are about to release a 2 color head system to bolt onto our current printer.

Knaki Edge


This is my first 3D printer, and I was impressed at how easy it was to set up and use, and how nice the prints came out. If you're in the market for an entry level 3D printer, I recommend this one.

Katherine F


Great hassle free printer. The setup was not much more difficult than a laser printer. So far it has exceeded my expectations. I had some issues printing large files and Cel customer support worked it out and showed me how to reduce the file size. It prints slowly for any detailed object. It took 3 hours to print a small object at the highest resolution. It is not really practical to print at the highest resolution but at the medium resolution the prints are excellent and only took 1 hour for the same size print. Overall knowing the limitations of 3D printing at this time I am quite thrilled that the machine self levels the bed and the workflow is so smooth.