Jim Rodda


The Type A Machines Series 1 gets heavily used in a design/production environment here at Zheng Labs. I'm truly impressed with this machine's reliability, ease of use, and print quality.

Leveling the print bed is insanely easy. Twist one knob, and you're The machine maintains its calibration for like, forever. In several months of owning this machine with daily printing I can count on one hand the print failures that could be attributed to the printer. I've seen one-- ONE! filament jam the whole time I've owned this bot.

Whatever small hiccups I've had with the Series 1 have been addressed by support quite quickly. These were mostly networking issues during setup.

The Type A Machines Series 1 is my third 3D printer, after a Makerbot Replicator 1 and a Printrbot Simple Beta. Since buying this printer I spend way more time printing and iterating designs than I do troubleshooting a cranky machine. Productivity's way up over here.

Check out the Beast Token torture test print attached to this review and look at how the Series 1 handles fine details and overhangs. This model was printed with Cura's default "High Quality" settings, minutes after I set up the printer.

Clever-eyed viewers will note the stringing on the print; I didn't quite have my slicing settings dialed in when I did this.

Dirk R


This machine is highly accurate and fast. The few needed adjustments are dead simple, and I had my first good print within an hour of openning the box.

It's well built, and works very well as an in-place unit (not really portable). The web interface for it is straightforward, and gives good control.

I own one other printer, and have used a few others. As far as weighing large format, accuracy, low failure rate and thoughtful design, I'd put the Type A at the top of the machines I've used, and easily in the top ranks of all desktop deposition printers.

The things I've printed with it have included small mesh gear systems, posible figures, geographic terrain maps, architectural examples, and various knickknacks.

There are things I'd improve, but they are small things, and don't affect print quality. Things like lateral rigidity in case someone leans on the unit during a print, built in lights, etc.