Brit Bunkley


I have been using 3D printing for many years. I've owned one of these printers (previously called an "Up! printer) for 2 years. I upgraded it to the newest version. For every 2 prints that work, one fails, although this may have been partially due to using inferior old plastic filament. As a result I often find myself endlessly leveling and calibrating the platform and/or unclogging the nozzle. In addition, the building envelope is small - about the size of a coffee cup. Several printers with larger builds are now on the market.

I`d say that most of these consumer grade printers are not quite there yet. Since another professional level 3d printer company still has the patent for a heated enclosed printing environment (important, if not essential for ABS plastic, which will last far longer than the PLA corn starch material), warping and splitting are commonplace. I'd wait awhile before purchasing a 3D printer.

That said, I have read that this is rated as one of the better consumer grade 3D printers on the market.



Afinia has made an awesome product. Make magazine was right when they said best "out of the box" experience. I was making beautiful parts with it in no time. If I could give it 6 stars I would, particularly in light of my experience with other machines - Read on....

I owned a Makerbot Replicator 2 for several months before returning it. Many issues, many bad prints, many broken things. I would strongly recommend avoiding it.

Bought a replicator 1 dual extruder thinking that I was experiencing startup issues with the new rep 2. It arrived with a broken thermocouple that rendered it inoperable - once this was fixed (worked around) the extruder would not extrude. Returned it, too. My experience with makerbot was lousy, I think the engineering on the machines (I am a mechanical engineer) is pretty bad - I mean, thoughtlessly, inexcusably bad in some cases. Unless they change their ways, all the private equity in the world won't save them, not with better products out there. Don't believe me? Look at the discussion boards for Makerbot, look at all the problems and work-arounds and user-submitted fixes. I couldn't find the equivalent for the Afinia, and now I know why. Because the thing just works.

My strong recommendation is to purchase a piece of borosilicate glass to go on the build platform, I'm printing perfect models with no peeling and no raft. If you use the included perf-board, you are going to probably have problems with lifting (I did.) - But, this is the same with every FDM machine out there.

If you want a hobby, get another machine. If you want to make parts, get the Afinia. Case closed.

Manuel Breit


This machine is possibly the best you can get for the money and it does pretty much work well right out of the box but with some flaws to deal with that are pretty obvious. First off, the temperature control for the base is pretty whacked, the temperature probe is right next to the heating unit so the only place the base reaches the proper temperature is the little chunk of metal between the heating element and the probe.

The edges of the platform are rarely much above room temperature cutting your effective printing area to pretty much the very center of the base and according to my thermometer even it is 20 degrees cooler than it should be. This exacerbates the next problem.

The base plate is not straight and level. In fact it is impossible to square up the base using the leveling screws because the damned thing is basically round. Each of the four corners droop like a willow tree's branches, placing it on a piece of glass shows each corner is 1mm above and one corner is up 2mm. When the base is heated, it makes it even worse.

I'm not the only one with this problem as a bunch of folks on various forums are complaining about not being able to level the base correctly with three screws. You can get the center and three corners pretty close but one corner will be way off.

If you are looking for any sort of precision with it in this condition, forget it. Printing anything larger than 2" x 2" will likely peel away from the base, maybe ruining the print, maybe not.

Barry Knesal


I have 4 of these for my class. Believe it or not the best glue solution is an elmer glue stick on the black platforms. It works ok for the tan perf boards but is almost flawless on the new black plates. I am going to buy new plates and cut them down. Fried 2 heating elements but found a solution. the new elements have a much larger wire. I put the elements in from the other side and zip tie the wire to hold tension. only a few design issues but they can be overcome. We also made some clips that are permanent and the plates just slip in and out. no silly clips to deal with.



I have owned previous makerbots and repraps and this machine is a reliable workhorse compared to those. I agree with another rater who says to replace the nozzle and perf board platforms regularly (Or when prints start to go bad). A little maintenance and the printer has been running like a champ for months.