I purchased one of these on a grant I wrote for my high school. I've been using (playing) with it for a few weeks now and it really did work great right out of the box. Ease of use is great, even all the tools (gloves, clippers, metal scraper, etc...) are all included.

Would give it 5 stars except for:

1) The software does not allow one to customize how to print anything. I understand easy-to-use is important, but that doesn't mean one has to disallow other common adjustments. Things I'd like to see:

a) You can't turn off supports, you can scale it way back but it still puts in support where I don't want or need it, even at the "lowest" setting.

b) There is no way to print something entirely "solid" --> useful for tableware, etc... where you don't want any tiny holes leading inside accumulating food/liquid. You can print "kinda" solid, and you can even increase the thickness of the outside coating --> but only on the top and bottom, not the thickness of the sides...

c) There is no way to adjust the size of the "raft" that is printed on... I've had a few cases where I wanted a slightly larger raft and that isn't an option. (Thickness and density can be adjusted..)

d) There is no way to adjust the extruding temperature. The printer is set up to print out their high end "Premium" plastic which is, indeed, nice but I'm led to understand it doesn't do so well on cheaper plastic because it melts at a lower temp. Why can't I fiddle with the temperature of printing then to accommodate this? (*Note that I've printed with their "cheaper" plastic as well with no big problems...)

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret my purchase, but all of the above problems could be fixed by adjusting software... if they did, I would quickly update my rating to a 5/5.



This printer is outstanding for the first time user. So easy to use and gives excellent results. Has saved us a lot of money now that we can make our own new ideas and prototypes for our business. Shipped right away and worked just like we thought it would. If you are looking for a 3d printer this is the one.

Tres Desarrollo


This printer falls very short of the mark. Unless you are a die-hard tinkerer who enjoys hours and hours of minute adjustments, failed prints, and concocting your own chemical slurries, stay very far away from this printer.

Henry Sanchez


This is a new and improving technology. The possibilities may be endless. I chose this particular unit because it looks to be better made and more thoughtfully assembled i.e. more professional, than other reprap systems.