Pascal Damay


Very fast shipping, good price, good machine but really poor manual, you must be bob the builder to mount this printer, but it should be the same with the other prusia's clones ...

Michael Laffosse


I had concerns about getting this in time for Christmas, online support told me I'd be good. It got to my house in three days from Hong Kong! No problems! Will buy from here next time for sure.



excellent packing.received in good condition. Every small items were there in correct number.



The best printer I have used so far. It has the latest, redesigned extruder which cools down within seconds. The filaments like ABS, PLA and Wood offers outstanding outcomes which are of high quality and are precise too. This printer is perfect for newbies as it is easy to assemble and use too. Due to its latest features, the machine is away from all complications. It’s all metal frame construction makes the printer sturdy and durable.



Assembling the printer was not as easy as I expected it to be. I assembled the printer in one go and was ready to print. But when the very first print came out I realized that the print outs are blurred. I contacted customer care and they told me to fix some of the parts again. I again started assembling and it took a lot of time. I am happy with the auto-leveling and auto-calibration as it saved a lot of time. I would recommend the printer only if you can assemble it with patience.