robert mcdonald


Excellent kit, although having some problems. 1 pla package was open 2 no instructions 3 no bowden tube 4 had to use washers(not provided) so nuts dont pull through acrylic plates 5 only comes with british cord even though stated i was in usa missing stuff could be due to customs whole box was disturbed and some pieces were on the outside Of the main box (could not get it all back in) Excellent build quality, just go slow on first prints (40% speed)which should be braces and new bed enforcement. Youtube has a hour long tutorial online to aid in assembly. Looking to grab tornado next..

josh akers


I give it 4 stars because it has tons of potential. If it didn't require me to print all of the wheel bases to keep the nozzle and bed from being wobbly, or came with active cooling, I'd give it 4.5, if I didn't have to upgrade either it would be an easy 5 stars. Once you get the upgrades printed/purchase a fan, there isn't much you can't print.

Hunter McGlauflin


Concentric nuts are a pain and I got a few T-nuts that didn’t have threads. Other than that I’m very satisfied.

Ritesh Jhaveri


Thumbs up!!!

Shane Annabell


Delivery was super fast but the tracking code never worked which caused unnecessary confusion