Being an unprofessional, I was able to assemble the printer without within few hours. Initially I was dicey about working on a 3D printer but this printer is so easy to use that I feel like I own it since years. The printer can be updated as per your requirement and the huge print area offers accurate and high quality print outs. The auto-leveling and auto-calibration are the best features of this printer according to me. These features save a lot of time and help me to print a lot.



The machine is a complicated one as it took me almost a day to assemble it. And my next was consumed in understanding how the printer works. After completing the assembling process also I faced many other issues with the printer like the hot ends got blocked while I was changing the filament and at the time of taking print outs the nozzle got jammed, I face these issues for 1 week. since the I'm getting decent prints



This is my first 3D printer. I bought it less than one week ago and I get it really quick with UPS. The mounting was easy and with all the help you can find on youtube it is impossible to get lost. The package was very nice and all the parts came clean (not broken parts except for 2 screws, but there was some more in the "bonus bag"). The printer needs a little bit of calibration, but that's a part of the mounting job. It's like a lego for adult, I enjoy every part of the mounting and when it print I find it wonderful. I would definitely recomend it. 5 stars !



The Slimbot printer is a must have for people in the fashion designing industry or 3 d printing industry. The printer is easy to operate and delivers precise high resolution print. It is compatible with nylon and wood too. Will recommend this affordable yet excellent printer. Happy with my purchase.

Nard Janssens


Very nice printer, with overall quality components considering price. The hot end blocks on change of filament, but I am sure this is my fault. Printing bed was warped, but despite attempts to contact Tevo about this, I got no reply! So three start instead of five. Guide lacks info, but thanks to active facebook group assembly is no problem.