This was my first 3D printer, and I got it up and running within a weekend. Just delving into the firmware now, which customer support was kind enough to supply-and promptly at that! My only issues are that the instruction manual can hardly be called an instruction manual at all-I had to go to YouTube and follow a series of assembly videos-and the packing list is very short and non descriptive.

The specifications of a lot of the parts like the lead screw and pulleys and belts, etc. become very important once you get to the fine tuning stage. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase though.



Super printer at this price. It's not my first 3D printer, so it was easy for me to build. What i want to change is to build the Cyclops E3D dual extruder on it.



Nice printer! Works very well. Follow the video instructions and you cannot lose. Thanks, Ben

Nazeem Jummun


Received very quickly. All good. I was able to print straight away once everything was set up. Very Happy.

Martin Hrehor


Just made a first successful print, took me hours to set it all up properly. Good printer for the price, assembly was easy, but it doesn't come with a manual, so I followed these tutorials: I'd recommend it to everyone who wants to try out 3D printing.