Anthony P. Smith


I am using the 3D printer for the first time. Thus, I decided to buy this Electron 3D Slimbot which was quite affordable and pretty easy to learn about the 3D printing technique. It has good build and compatibility.  It was easy to assemble as well.

But, it took more efforts to get precise prints. Also, there were certain issues in positioning the axes and the printing speed was not that good enough. I was not much satisfied. Later, my problem has resolved and now it works well.

John Ivery


Great printer! Worth the price

The Slimbot 3D printer is my first ever 3D printer and I can’t be happier having bought it. I chose it because of its amazing price, easy to use features. I was so correct. It is an incredibly easy to use printer. A great printer for the entry level 3Dprinter for those who want to learn!

The printer also has aesthetic quality and has got sturdy parts. I later came to know that it has got German V-groove wheels for added efficiency. Wow!  With its pro metal extruder, it is very much compatible with PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, Nylon and more.

I have been using it for a month now and never had a problem. It is indeed worth the price.

Angie D. Johnson


3D printers are completely new to me and I heard about this printer from my colleague and decided to order it. I knew nothing about the assembling process so I took my friend’s help to assemble this printer.

In spite of the manual which came along it took us a lot of time to assemble the printer as the whole process involved a lot of patience and focus. We managed to assemble the printer somehow but as I started taking out the print outs I realized that they are not accurate.

I figured out that the positioning of axes is not correct. It took me more time to correct it and finally I took print outs. I struggled a lot with this printer.

Jason Raymundo


After a bit of research for 3D printers sales, i got into this website and see the actual i was looking for at a cheaper price i was very excited to buy and most surprisingly, it was shipped quickly and received it within 6 days. Was very happy to see it.

The design is very simple and easy to assemble, had a great assembling it with some friends. I encourage anyone who was to get started with 3D printing to get this one, its affordable and easy to use and has great quality print.  

Sandra E. Flores


I bought this printer two weeks ago. I did some research on the web before buying it. The assembly wasn’t that tough for me as I’ve worked with many machines in my post grad days. 

But, I must tell you if you’re not well acquainted with intricacies of 3D printing, this printer is definitely not for you.  After completing the assembly, when I tried to print, it started making a popping noise.

The customer service was helpful and came to my rescue when I asked them to help e stop the noise. But then, the z-axis couldn’t be easily positioned and it came out every time. I wanted to print and make toys for my kids and I was disappointed.

My elder son helped me in fixing it, and finally it gave good prints. I am not that happy but satisfied with it now!