Doris W. Johnson


I ordered this printer because I found it very cheap and the specifications available online also conveyed that the printer is really easy to use. The printer arrived almost after a month of placing the order and I thought that I might have taken a wrong decision.

But when I assembled the printer and it got ready to use I was surprised to see the high quality prints which came out. The printer is compatible with ABS, Wood, PLA, nylon and provides outstanding results with each of the material.

I cannot believe that I got such a great quality printer at very cheap price. I will personally recommend this printer to everyone.

Katherine B. Newby


I ordered this printer a month ago and it took a lot of time to assemble this printer as the instructions and the whole assembling part is very complicated. This printer is made for professionals and is not recommended if you are new to 3D printers.

After assembling the printout it took me more time to get the accurate prints and consumed a lot of my time too. Finally I took some professional help and somehow managed to get the prints right. The prints are of average quality.

Octavio T. Daniels


The printer arrived on time and the kit includes everything which you require to assemble the printer. The kit includes filament also so that you can start with the printing process the minute you are through with assembling. The printing speed of the printer is really impressive and unbelievable to get at such a cheap price. I take out as many prints as I wish to in a single day and the printing speed never decreases and keeps on surprising me with its high functionality.

Esteban hm


la verdad no me puedo quejar de la impresora es muy recomendada para los que iniciamos en la impresión 3d, el sistema que tiene uno lo puede mejorar alcanzando estándares de profesional. no es como otros sistemas que ya no podemos modificar nada, la verdad le doy 4 estrellas, saludos

Charles D. Jones


Before ordering this printer I read all the reviews online and figured out that this is the best printer for me. The printer arrived on time and the only minor issue which I faced was to set up the Y- axis accurately.

I called up customer service and in no time this issue got resolved.

I must say that the customer service is very helpful. The printer offers outstanding prints and the automatic platform leveling helps in getting exact prints.

I have recommended this printer to many of my friends and they all are planning to buy it soon.