Oram John Peter


As a customer, I am quite happy with my purchase!

With large print area and upgrade add-on feature, the printer is usable as soon as it comes out of the box. The auto-leveling as well as auto-calibration mechanism also amazed me a lot.  

In its frame construction all parts are metal constructed thereby, it is high in strength and durable.  Its ball bearing v-grove wheels ensures smooth operability.

This smart DIY Kit has everything included along with manual as well as filaments. So, as soon as you assemble it you can start printing. Highly recommended!

Jacob Farington


A best 3D printer at such an economic price! I was amazed when I open the packaging and found that at such a reasonable price, I got this 3D printer featuring bowden-style extruder, heated bed and full metal frame. Even, I received two PLA spools free. Its printing speed as well as print quality is very commendable.

The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it easily with the mentioned instructions almost within an hour. Thanks God, I trusted on my friend and the reviews that I read about it, else this amazing 3D printer won’t be a part of my inventory.

Bob Shawn


Pretty Satisfied with my purchase!

This 3D Slimbot is amongst the unique 3D printers, I have purchased so far. I like its auto-leveling and auto-calibration mechanism a lot. Even, I also like its LCD display and integrated SD card. Even, its build is good. I use it with number of filaments and materials.

Though its print quality is superb but its print speed is very less. I also faced some issues in positioning the axes.

I was able to assemble this within a short span of time.



Shipping was really fast to the US. It took me about 6hr. to build. ( with my 3 yr. olds help ). Lots of fun putting it together. Would recommend it.

Richard Crumley


I have just finished the build, watch a few video's, its quite straight forward. Printed my first print and everything looks good. I think this is well worth the price. Richard