Printer is reasonable for the money and I the delivery was quick.I was printing models from the included SD card in two hours (I actually enjoy reading manuals).

I hit a snag an hour into production when "Y" stepper motor starting missing and screeching and stalling during prints resulting in filament globing in one place of model until I canceled the print.

I have since then called the customer services and they said they will replace it for me after chinese holidays cant wait to receive :(



Got it yesterday and already build without instruction manual in 4 hours, just with the assembly video for the construction and my knowledge in 3d printer for the wiring... and some logics... Cheap price for a good printer, work fine with the standard configuration of repetier and just need a couple of tweaks to get a very good result. (i keep one star because of the instruction manual that was not in the packet )

Alex Stanciu


Thus far the printer has been really good to me, I am amazed at what can be done with 3d printer which was available for just a few hundred dollars.

I have spent a few weeks with this printer and have experimented with a lot of high and low quality prints. Error happens when pushing the printer to high detail prints when on standard settings but this is due to my inexperience more than the printer itself.

After a few failed prints I realized there were some issues with the designs, I downloaded the designs from thingiverse and had the impression that all of them were printable, but some needed repairing. The great news was that I was able to get that done with no cost on Netfabb basic.

I still have a long way to go in understanding the printer, But I can with confidence say its an amazing machine to work with.

Adam Weber


Excellent 3D Printer

The print quality is stunning and has a perfect alignment. I work for a weekly journal and thus require printing a number of documents and photos. It is fairly straightforward to assemble.

You can easily place the Z-axis within 4 microns.  This printer prints at a rate of 30–150 m/s. 

This printer gives amazing quality prints and it feels like the charts and pictures are coming out straight from a printing press.

Jesse Herrera


You have to work through some issues with the manual but overall it was an amazing experience for my 14 year old to build his first 3d printer and print out a cool little shamrock container. He was stuck at first because we thought a part was missing. It took a week for support to respond to our e-mail during the holidays but they finally did and helped us find the part we were overlooking. Some wires come connected and have to be separated in order to be used. He watched the videos to make sure he did everything before printing and then he was ready to go and it worked!