Good machine at this price, but you really need to know how to fix things and ideally this should not be your first 3d printer. For instance I had to tap my own holes in the aluminium heatsink and solder one of the wires on the homing sensor because it arrived detached. The default firmware also didn't work with repetier but using repetier firmware the machine was up and running.

Ionut Hadar


The value here is fantastic. If you're thinking about buying this and maybe trying to decide between this one and a different printer, you can't go wrong with this one. For just $239 it’s a steal. The printer doesn't need more time for building,

I would recommend people to get the heated bed upgrade and the Pro E3D Bowden Metal Extruder. While the first lets you print with abs the second upgrade helps melt any kind of plastic. As the E3D has no PTFE in the hot regions, it allows the extruder to be heated at 300 + degrees which allows the printer to print with nylon.

I have my printer melting plastic as I write this review and I am very happy with it.



Printer is reasonable for the money and I the delivery was quick.I was printing models from the included SD card in two hours (I actually enjoy reading manuals).

I hit a snag an hour into production when "Y" stepper motor starting missing and screeching and stalling during prints resulting in filament globing in one place of model until I canceled the print.

I have since then called the customer services and they said they will replace it for me after chinese holidays cant wait to receive :(



Got it yesterday and already build without instruction manual in 4 hours, just with the assembly video for the construction and my knowledge in 3d printer for the wiring... and some logics... Cheap price for a good printer, work fine with the standard configuration of repetier and just need a couple of tweaks to get a very good result. (i keep one star because of the instruction manual that was not in the packet )

Alex Stanciu


Thus far the printer has been really good to me, I am amazed at what can be done with 3d printer which was available for just a few hundred dollars.

I have spent a few weeks with this printer and have experimented with a lot of high and low quality prints. Error happens when pushing the printer to high detail prints when on standard settings but this is due to my inexperience more than the printer itself.

After a few failed prints I realized there were some issues with the designs, I downloaded the designs from thingiverse and had the impression that all of them were printable, but some needed repairing. The great news was that I was able to get that done with no cost on Netfabb basic.

I still have a long way to go in understanding the printer, But I can with confidence say its an amazing machine to work with.