Shipping was really fast to the US. It took me about 6hr. to build. ( with my 3 yr. olds help ). Lots of fun putting it together. Would recommend it.

Richard Crumley


I have just finished the build, watch a few video's, its quite straight forward. Printed my first print and everything looks good. I think this is well worth the price. Richard

Shawn Johnson



I purchased this 3D Slimbot as I was done with going to printing shops to get my work done. Was so in need of a good printer and must say this one is satisfactory. I kind of have a zero patience level. So, when the kit arrived, although the packaging was done well but it took me quite a lot of time in assembling the components as I am not a master at wiring and stuff.

I wish they could have made it easier to assemble the kit. The printer is good. Its build, materials, print quality is also satisfactory. Precision is not that amazing I expected. I would say I’m satisfied!



In this video we review the Electron Slimbot DIY 3D printer which is available for only 239 USD including (!) fast shipping. Unboxing, timelapse build & test prints are all in this video.

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My opinion: the Slimbot has many features only known from much more expensive models. Full metal frame, heated bed and even a bowden-style extruder are all part of the *base* version which is only 239 USD including fast shipping. The print bed of the base version is not small either, it comes at a size of 20 cm x 20 cm, which is great for this price. It even comes with two spools of free PLA.

In my opinion, this is currently the best you can get for your money. As you saw in the video, the print quality is great, at least I'm more than satisfied with it.



This was my first 3D printer, and I got it up and running within a weekend. Just delving into the firmware now, which customer support was kind enough to supply-and promptly at that! My only issues are that the instruction manual can hardly be called an instruction manual at all-I had to go to YouTube and follow a series of assembly videos-and the packing list is very short and non descriptive.

The specifications of a lot of the parts like the lead screw and pulleys and belts, etc. become very important once you get to the fine tuning stage. All in all, I'm happy with my purchase though.