Matheus Santos Souza


I have been using this printer for over 2 months. Thanks to Electron 3D Slimbot for this great new invention in 3D printing world. I am pretty impressive with its modest assembly, calibration procedures, sturdy looks, aesthetic quality and its functionality.

Truly amazing with its pro metal extruder, it is compatible with various filaments from wood, PVA, ABS to flexible filaments. Special thanks to this online store for an excellent shipping quality and indeed it has a great value at low cost.



The Facebook group is instrumental in building this printer properly. Advice though, use the supplied instructions for the carriage construction, and grab some larger washers so that you can use the upgraded frame brackets.

Packing and components were great, express shipping was actually express, filament seems good enough to start. 10/10 for the price.

Harry Scurry


This Slimbot 3D printer kit is a perfect DIY kit for the professionals. The auto-leveling along with auto-height detection platform is an incredible feature of this printer. The aluminum frame and its machinery are pretty durable and rigid. It offers extraordinary printing quality. The dimensions and functionality of this printer are out of the box! I strongly recommend learning completely on this printer and being the master in 3D printing arena!

Anthony P. Smith


I am using the 3D printer for the first time. Thus, I decided to buy this Electron 3D Slimbot which was quite affordable and pretty easy to learn about the 3D printing technique. It has good build and compatibility.  It was easy to assemble as well.

But, it took more efforts to get precise prints. Also, there were certain issues in positioning the axes and the printing speed was not that good enough. I was not much satisfied. Later, my problem has resolved and now it works well.

John Ivery


Great printer! Worth the price

The Slimbot 3D printer is my first ever 3D printer and I can’t be happier having bought it. I chose it because of its amazing price, easy to use features. I was so correct. It is an incredibly easy to use printer. A great printer for the entry level 3Dprinter for those who want to learn!

The printer also has aesthetic quality and has got sturdy parts. I later came to know that it has got German V-groove wheels for added efficiency. Wow!  With its pro metal extruder, it is very much compatible with PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA, Nylon and more.

I have been using it for a month now and never had a problem. It is indeed worth the price.